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In communications, a system is wideband when the message bandwidth significantly exceeds the coherence bandwidth of the channel. Some communication links have such a high data rate that they are forced to use a wide bandwidth; other links may have relatively low data rates, but deliberately use a wider bandwidth than "necessary" for that data rate in order to gain other advantages; see spread spectrum.

Polarization code decoding method for cyclic redundancy check assistance

The invention relates to a polarization code decoding method for cyclic redundancy check assistance. When a polarization code is decoded, in all the routes with cyclic redundancy check values of corresponding bit estimation sequences of being zero from a root node to leaf nodes on a code tree corresponding to the polarization code, one route with maximum reliability metric value is searched by taking a list or stack as assistance for route search, and the bit estimation sequence corresponding to the route is output as a decoding result. The method comprises the following operation steps of: determining parameters according to a search assistance method, constructing an auxiliary structure of the decoding method, searching a candidate bit estimation sequence and executing cyclic redundancy check. By adopting the method disclosed by the invention, error correcting capability of a communication system which adopts the polarization code as channel coding is greatly improved, operation steps are simpler, and operation complexity is equivalent to or even lower than that of a Turbo code coding and decoding method used in a WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) system, thus the method disclosed by the invention has a good practical prospect.

Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation

InactiveUS6987746B1Optimal autocorrelation resultEliminate and prevent sidelobesSynchronisation arrangementTime-division multiplexCode division multiple accessCorrelation function
The frame words of the preferred embodiment are especially suitable for frame synchronization and/or channel estimation. By adding the autocorrelation and cross-correlation functions of frame words, double maximum values equal in magnitude and opposite polarity at zero and middle shifts are obtained. This property can be used to slot-by-slot, double-check frame synchronization timing, single frame synchronization and/or channel estimation and allows reduction of the synchronization search time. Further, the present invention allows a simpler construction of a correlator circuit for a receiver. A frame synchronization apparatus and method using an optimal pilot pattern is used in a wide band code division multiple Access (W-CDMA) next generation mobile communication system. This method includes the steps of storing column sequences demodulated and inputted by slots, in a frame unit, in detecting frame synchronization for upward and downward link channels; converting the stored column sequences according to a pattern characteristic related to each sequence by using the pattern characteristic obtained from the relation between the column sequences; adding the converted column sequences by slots; and performing a correlation process of the added result to a previously designated code column.

Home picture/video display system with ultra wide-band technology

A new display system and method is described, utilizing a cellular telephone having digital camera capability and a television linked directly over a UWB wireless signal forming a UWB wireless video pico-net. The system utilizes a digital camera unit to capture picture or video images for UWB transmission directly to the television acting as a pico-net host controller, either independently or together with the cellular telephone operating as a pico-net child. The display system comprises and one or more remote devices and a host display communicating on a UWB wireless network. The host display comprises a display for presentation of the picture or video images and a UWB transceiver for processing image data from the picture or video images, for selectively sending and receiving the image data based on a request from the child. The one or more remote devices comprise a digital camera for capturing the picture or video images and another UWB transceiver as used in the host display. The host display has a generally larger display for improved presentation of the captured picture or video images useful and amusing for group, party, wedding, and conference viewing, or simply for enhanced personal enjoyment. For picture or video image sharing, the system further facilitates downloading the current picture or video images from the host display television to a requesting cellular telephone or digital camera equipped with the UWB transceiver. The UWB display system provides sufficient bandwidth to support numerous such download requests simultaneously, while utilizing a transmission technology having minimal power consumption.
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