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Power management is a feature of some electrical appliances, especially copiers, computers, CPUs, GPUs and computer peripherals such as monitors and printers, that turns off the power or switches the system to a low-power state when inactive. In computing this is known as PC power management and is built around a standard called ACPI. This supersedes APM. All recent (consumer) computers have ACPI support.

Data center equipment cabinet information center and updateable asset tracking system

ActiveUS8917513B1Easy and less-expensive to manageFurniture partsLogisticsInterior spaceControl power
A cabinet frame enclosure is provided having a first side wall, a second side wall, a first opening and a second opening each in combination defining an interior space for accommodating a plurality of equipment, the equipment being removable through the first opening. A plurality of functional modules are provided such as: an asset tracking module for detecting the presence or absence of the equipment from the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the asset tracking module disposed in the first side wall adjacent the first opening; an access control module for providing electronic locking and access control to the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; an environmental management module for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions within the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure; a power management module for monitoring and controlling power distribution to equipment located in the interior space of the cabinet frame enclosure, the power management module disposed in one of the first side wall or second side wall and adjacent the second opening; and a cabinet control module (CCM) for providing consolidated connectivity to the plurality of functional modules, wherein the CCM presents a single network connection for managing the equipment located in the cabinet frame enclosure.
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