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A processing element is an element which performs a specific processing requirement or business logic on the message. It can be one of a wide range of operations, such as filtering using conditional branching, transformation, flow control, scope handling such as a transactional scope, and many more.

Telemetry method and apparatus using magnetically-driven MEMS resonant structure

A telemetry method and apparatus using pressure sensing elements remotely located from associated pick-up, and processing units for the sensing and monitoring of pressure within an environment. This includes remote pressure sensing apparatus incorporating a magnetically-driven resonator being hermetically-sealed within an encapsulating shell or diaphragm and associated new method of sensing pressure. The resonant structure of the magnetically-driven resonator is suitable for measuring quantities convertible to changes in mechanical stress or mass. The resonant structure can be integrated into pressure sensors, adsorbed mass sensors, strain sensors, and the like. The apparatus and method provide information by utilizing, or listening for, the residence frequency of the oscillating resonator. The resonant structure listening frequencies of greatest interest are those at the mechanical structure's fundamental or harmonic resonant frequency. The apparatus is operable within a wide range of environments for remote one-time, random, periodic, or continuous/on-going monitoring of a particular fluid environment. Applications include biomedical applications such as measuring intraocular pressure, blood pressure, and intracranial pressure sensing.
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