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Triggering applications based on a captured text in a mixed media environment

A Mixed Media Reality (MMR) system and associated techniques are disclosed. The MMR system provides mechanisms for forming a mixed media document that includes media of at least two types (e.g., printed paper as a first medium and digital content and/or web link as a second medium). In one particular embodiment, the MMR system includes an action processor and method, and MMR documents with an associated action. The MMR document structure is particularly advantageous because the ability to specify different actions for different MMR documents, combined with the ability to create any number of MMR documents for a particular location on any media, allows the MMR architecture to serve as a universal trigger or initiator for additional processing. In other words, addition processing or actions can be triggered or initiated based on MMR recognition. The action processor receives the output of the MMR recognition process which yields an MMR document including at least one action. The action processor executes that action which includes various commands to the MMR system or other systems coupled to the MMR system. The MMR system architecture is advantageous because an action can be executed by pointing the capture device at a block of text, and the action is performed. Example actions include retrieving the text in electronic form to the capture device, retrieving the specification for the action, inserting data to a MMR document, transferring data between documents, purchasing items, authoring actions or reviewing historical information about actions. The MMR system includes a variety of user applications (one or more actions) initiated by the MMR recognition of a text patch such as information retrieval for a travel guide book, stock listings or advertisements; information capture such as recording content from a conference, recording and storing multimedia associated with the document, capturing information for a calendar and on the fly authoring; purchasing media files for storage on any part of an MMR document.

Method and apparatus for controlling file sharing of multimedia files over a fluid, de-centralized network

Communication is established between a first client and a central index server in a fluid, de-centralized network. The central index server searches the memory of the first client for usable data files which lack authentication certificates issued by the central index server. A data-file identifier is generated for a first data file among the select files lacking authentication certificates within the first client. The data-file identifier is compared to a reliable identifier in a main data base of the central index server. The reliable identifier is indexed within the main data base against a first unique reference ID. If the data-file identifier matches the reliable identifier, a valid authentication certificate is issued to the first data file in the first client. An IP address of the first client is then referenced against the first unique reference ID within the main data base of the central index server. When file request is received from a second client for a file represented by the first unique reference ID, a connection is facilitated between the first client and the second client so that the authenticated first multimedia data file can be transferred from the first client to the second client. If the data-file identifier does not match the reliable identifier within the data base, no authentication certificate is issued, and the first data-file identifier is systematically compared against a remaining plurality of identifiers within the main data base of the central index server to determine its true identity.
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