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System, method, and computer program product for providing location based services and mobile e-commerce

ActiveUS20030220835A1Facilitating localized e-commerceFacilitate communicationAdvertisementsReservationsData fileDisplay device
A system, method, apparatus and computer program product for providing location based functions and mobile e-commerce comprising a central processing unit including a processor, a storage device, and programming stored in the storage device, a display device, an audio input device, an audio output device, a communications module, a commerce module, an image module, and a location module. The programming controls the operation of the present invention to provide functions based on location data, to facilitate commercial exchanges by wirelessly exchanging payment and product information with venders, to identify services such as venders meeting selection criteria, to wirelessly exchange select information with other users and systems, to restrict and/or monitor the use of the device based on authorized user parameters, selecting one of a plurality networks through which to communicate, detecting a trigger for performing an action based on a change in location and sensed data, storing a voice annotation with a computer data file, determining service providers and associated communication parameters, contemporaneously maintaining a wireless voice and data link, providing a system for selecting and delivering mobile advertisements, and many other functions and services that are described herein.

Methods and/or systems for an online and/or mobile privacy and/or security encryption technologies used in cloud computing with the combination of data mining and/or encryption of user's personal data and/or location data for marketing of internet posted promotions, social messaging or offers using multiple devices, browsers, operating systems, networks, fiber optic communications, multichannel platforms

A method, apparatus, computer readable medium, computer system, wireless or wired network, or system to provide an online and / or mobile security of a user's privacy and / or security method of internet or mobile access or system, apparatus, computer readable medium, or system using encryption technologies and / or filters to access data, encrypt and / or decrypt data, sync data, secure data storage and / or process data using cloud technology across many different networks and / or fiber optic communications from an endpoint accessed through multiple devices, browsers, operating systems, networks, servers, storage, software, applications or services integrated in a public cloud or a private cloud within an enterprise, a social network, big data analytics or electronic surveillance tracking or some mashup of two or more to prevent the unauthorized collecting, tracking and / or analysis of a user's personal data by a third party and / or for generating relevant advertising, mobile, internet social messaging, internet posted promotions or offers for products and / or services.

Information Infrastructure Management Tools with Extractor, Secure Storage, Content Analysis and Classification and Method Therefor

The present invention is a method of organizing and processing data in a distributed computing system. The invention is also implemented as a computer program on a computer medium and as a distributed computer system. Software modules can be configured as hardware. The method and system organizes select content which is important to an enterprise operating said distributed computing system. The select content is represented by one or more predetermined words, characters, images, data elements or data objects. The computing system has a plurality of select content data stores for respective ones of a plurality of enterprise designated categorical filters which include content-based filters, contextual filters and taxonomic classification filters, all operatively coupled over a communications network. A data input is processed through at least one activated categorical filter to obtain select content, and contextually associated select content and taxonomically associated select content as aggregated select content. The aggregated select content is stored in the corresponding select content data store. A data process from the group of data processes including a copy process, a data extract process, a data archive process, a data distribution process and a data destruction process is associated with the activated categorical filter and the method and system applies the associated data process to a further data input based upon a result of that further data being processed by the activated categorical filter utilizing the aggregated select content data.

Interoperable full-featured web-based and client-side e-mail system

A full-featured e-mail system is used in both Internet-based and client-side (personal computer) forms. In each form, either basic e-mail service is provided to system subscribers or a secure, premium service with authentication, concealment, integrity, and non-repudiation functions for electronic messaging services is provided. In either form and at either level of service, subscribers can work off-line on their own computers with proprietary software loaded or, alternatively, on-line on any computer with an Internet connection. The system is interoperable, to preserve security, with all S/MIME compliant software applications, even for those users not subscribing to a service implementing the disclosed system. Digital certificates can be provided as a security service of the disclosed system, rather than requiring a second source with separate verification procedures. As additional optional features, the subscriber can control compression of outgoing attachment files, rather than having that function absent or operate in some automatic way. Decompression of such file attachments when received occurs automatically for subscribers, without having to invoke a different program or system. Interactive help features, book hierarchy uniformity for messages, accounts, certificates, virus warnings, and dual naming capability are also provided and available to subscribers in both the Web-based and the client-side application forms disclosed herein, and in both basic and premium service levels.

Method and apparatus for product lifecycle management in a distributed environment enabled by dynamic business process composition and execution by rule inference

InactiveUS20040162741A1Detect and resolve conflictOffice automationResourcesDistributed servicesNetwork topology
A system and method for supporting Product Lifecycle Management over a distributed service network topology that connects a hierarchy of functional domains, each domain having a service ontology and one or more service composition schemas defined by the service ontology. Each service composition schema models a business process in its domain. Descriptions of services provided to each domain are published to a service repository by providers of the services, in conformity with one of the service composition schemas. There is a business process proxy provided by the service provider for each service description, which encapsulates for public access the internal processes of the service provider. The invention makes use of an event messaging protocol that enables service collaboration and ad-hoc workflow composition. Each business process is implemented by an ad-hoc workflow comprised of one or more tasks connected by one or more business rules. For each business process there is a business flow manager that dynamically composes ad-hoc workflow prior to execution and dynamically modifies the ad-hoc workflow as the business process executes. The business flow manager uses backward-chain inferencing and then forward-chain inferencing to generate the ad-hoc workflows, based on user identification of a target task. The business flow manager is able to stop execution of the workflow and regenerate a workflow for remaining tasks in response to events received over the network from service providers, and is also able to detect conflicts in the workflows at composition time and at execution time.
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