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Recycling method for recycled metal can and industrial production line device

The invention discloses a recycling method for recycled metal can and an industrial production line device. The method comprises the following steps: selecting a recycled metal can the appearance of which does not have hard damage; cutting a flat round opening on the upper part of the metal can; arranging a new can cover on the flat round opening of the can body and using a can sealing machine to carry out seaming. The industrial production line device realizing the method comprises a conveying belt; a first grade high pressure water spray unit, a paint remover spray unit, a second grade high pressure water spray unit, a rotary opening machine, a third grade high pressure water spray unit, a water absorption device, a ultraviolet sterilization lamp, a hot air drying machine, the sealing machine and a capper are arranged along the running direction of conveying belt above the conveying belt in sequence. The method has the characteristics of low investment cost and remarkable effect. By the method, the value of the waste metal can be greatly increased, thus being beneficial to reducing the price for packaging the needed metal can in the production process of relevant enterprises. Meanwhile, the production line is employed to greatly improve the production efficiency of a regenerated metal can.
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