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Systems and methods for imaging large field-of-view objects

An imaging apparatus and related method comprising a source that projects a beam of radiation in a first trajectory; a detector located a distance from the source and positioned to receive the beam of radiation in the first trajectory; an imaging area between the source and the detector, the radiation beam from the source passing through a portion of the imaging area before it is received at the detector; a detector positioner that translates the detector to a second position in a first direction that is substantially normal to the first trajectory; and a beam positioner that alters the trajectory of the radiation beam to direct the beam onto the detector located at the second position. The radiation source can be an x-ray cone-beam source, and the detector can be a two-dimensional flat-panel detector array. The invention can be used to image objects larger than the field-of-view of the detector by translating the detector array to multiple positions, and obtaining images at each position, resulting in an effectively large field-of-view using only a single detector array having a relatively small size. A beam positioner permits the trajectory of the beam to follow the path of the translating detector, which permits safer and more efficient dose utilization, as generally only the region of the target object that is within the field-of-view of the detector at any given time will be exposed to potentially harmful radiation.

Ultrasonically Powered Medical Devices and Systems, and Methods and Uses Thereof

The present invention provides a new family of ultrasonically powered medical devices and systems for powering such devices. Disclosed are methods for improving the overall power transfer efficiency of devices according to the present invention, as well as a wide variety of medical uses for such devices and systems. Devices of the present invention comprise a transducer that, during operation, converts electrical energy into high frequency, low amplitude mechanical vibrations that are transmitted to a driven-member, such as a wheel, that produces macroscopic rotary or linear output mechanical motions. Such motions may be further converted and modified by mechanical means to produce desirable output force and speed characteristics that are transmitted to at least one end-effector that performs useful mechanical work on soft tissue, bone, teeth and the like. Power systems of the present invention comprise one or more such handheld devices electrically connected to a power generator. Examples of powered medical tools enabled by the present invention include, but are not limited to, linear or circular staplers or cutters, biopsy instruments, suturing instruments, medical and dental drills, tissue compactors, tissue and bone debriders, clip appliers, grippers, extractors, and various types of orthopedic instruments. Devices of the present invention may be partly or wholly reusable, partly or wholly disposable, and may operate in forward or reverse directions, as well as combinations of the foregoing. The devices and systems of the present invention provide a safe, effective, and economically viable alternative source for mechanical energy, which is superior to AC or DC (battery) powered motors, compressed air or compressed gas, and hand powered systems.
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