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System and method for automatic document management

A system for managing documents, comprising: interfaces to a user interface, proving an application programming interface, a database of document images, a remote server, configured to communicate a text representation of the document from the optical character recognition engine to the report server, and to receive from the remote server a classification of the document; and logic configured to receive commands from the user interface, and to apply the classifications received from the remote server to the document images through the interface to the database. A corresponding method is also provided.

Plasma processing apparatus

A plasma processing apparatus includes a chamber for containing a substrate to be processed, a gas supply unit for supplying a processing gas into the chamber, and a microwave introducing unit for introducing plasma generating microwaves into the chamber. The microwave introducing unit includes a microwave oscillator for outputting a plurality of microwaves having specified outputs, and an antenna section having a plurality of antennas to which the microwaves outputted from the microwave oscillator are respectively transmitted.

Low energy wireless proximity pairing

ActiveUS20140378056A1Power be lowerDegree of security and/or privacyPower managementTransmission systemsReal-time computingBluetooth
A method of pairing devices includes causing a Bluetooth-enabled host device and a Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device to be located proximate to each other, the Bluetooth-enabled host device comprising at least a processor, a memory and an antenna, in the Bluetooth-enabled host device, detecting advertising packets broadcast by the Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device on one or more of a plurality of advertising channels, saving a numeric indicator of each of multiple detected advertising packets, determining an average numeric indicator from the saved numeric indicators of each of the separately detected advertising packets, if the average numeric indicator exceeds a proximity threshold, determining whether a set of conditions are met, and initiating a Bluetooth device pairing sequence between the Bluetooth-enabled host device and the Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device if the set of conditions are met.

Power efficient receiver

A direct sequence spread spectrum receiver samples an incoming signal and stores the sample in memory. Power is then inhibited to the tuner of the receiver to minimize power consumption. The signal sample may be read from memory when necessary to process the signal without further signal acquisition. Power to other receiver sections may be selectively controlled to minimize power consumption. Such a receiver is useful in global positioning satellite (GPS) signal processing where the receiver has a limited power supply.
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