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Within industry, piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids (liquids and gases) from one location to another. The engineering discipline of piping design studies the efficient transport of fluid.

Permanent downhole, wireless, two-way telemetry backbone using redundant repeaters

A system and method of communicating among devices via a piping structure using at least one induction choke about the piping structure to route a time-varying current carrying communication signals between the devices. A communications system comprises a piping structure, a first communication device, a second communication device, and an induction choke. The piping structure comprises a first location, a second location, and an electrically conductive portion extending between the first and second locations. The first and second locations are distally spaced along the piping structure. The first and second communication devices are each electrically connected to the electrically conductive portion of the piping structure along the first location and second location, respectively, and each is adapted to send and receive communication signals via time-varying current. The induction choke is located about an electrically choked portion of the electrically conductive portion of the piping structure, such that the induction choke is adapted to route time-varying current within the piping structure between the electrical connection location for the first communication device and the electrical connection location for the second communication device, and such that the first communication device can communicate with the second communication device via the piping structure. A preferred application of the present invention is a well for producing petroleum products (e.g., oil, natural gas), comprising a communication system as described above.

Detachable pump and the negative pressure wound therapy system using the same

The present invention relates to a detachable pump and a negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system using the same. The detachable pump comprises: a top module, including a motor set and a top elastic member; and a bottom module, arranged beneath the top module in a manner that it is connected to the top module by a detachable connection mechanism and comprised of: a base configured with an inlet and an outlet; at least an one-way suction valve; at least an one-way drain valve; a diaphragm element; and a bottom elastic member. With the aforesaid system, spent liquid can be prevented from flowing back to a wound section or the base by the cooperation of the suction valve and the drain valve as the top elastic member is configured to be pushed by the motor set for enabling the resulting resilience of the top elastic member to counter with the resilience of the bottom elastic member in a manner that the diaphragm element is propelled for enabling the detachable pump to generate a vacuuming force. By incorporating the aforesaid detachable pump into a NPWT system along with dressings and absorbent materials, spent liquid of a wound is drawn by the pump to be absorbed directly by the absorbent materials by way of the dressings so that not only the piping length and the volume of the NPWT system are reduced, but also the power requirement of the pump is decreased.

Integrated thermal cycling system of electric vehicle

ActiveCN102941791AAchieve mutual integrationMeet the high requirements of the service temperatureAir-treating devicesCell temperature controlAir conditioningElectric vehicle
The invention relates to the field of heat management of electric vehicles, and in particular to an integrated thermal cycling system of an electric vehicle. The integrated thermal cycling system of the electric vehicle comprises a motor system heat dissipation device, a motor, a motor controller, an air-conditioning system, a first water pump, an air heater, a water cooling jacket, a battery pack, a heater, a battery pack heat dissipation device, a second water pump, a heat exchanger and an evaporator; and a refrigerant pipeline and a water pipeline are connected onto the heat exchanger, the water cooling jacket is installed on the battery pack, and the motor system heat dissipation device, the first water pump, the motor controller and a motor are sequentially and circularly connected with each other according to the circulating water flowing direction, so that a motor cooling cycling circuit is formed. When the environment temperature is low, the battery pack is preheated and heated and an air conditioner in the vehicle is warmed up before the electric vehicle is started, when the environment temperature is high, the battery pack is cooled, a cab is refrigerated and the motor and the motor controller are cooled, accordingly, high requirements on the self operating temperatures of the motor system and a battery are satisfied, so that the service lives and efficiency of the motor system and the battery are increased.

Apparatus for the purification of water and method therefor

An apparatus and method for the purification of contaminated water whereby the contamination level of the wastewater is automatically monitored and treatment self-adjusted and continued until the desired level of purification is reached. Specifically, if upon treatment a pre-set purification level is not obtained a water recycle control means completely precludes the uptake of additional contaminated water and recycles wastewater within the apparatus until the desired level of purification is obtained. The present invention more particularly pertains to an efficient, turn key, economical, movable, automatic and compact apparatus and method for treating a fluid with ozone comprising multiple pressurized contact columns which are arranged in a hybrid parallel and series column configuration, which utilizes a unique water recycle control system and piping arrangement to improve the efficiency of the mass transfer of ozone into the water and increase its solubility by increasing the contact time between the water phase and the gas phase. The apparatus and method of the present invention has the further advantage that it requires minimal installation and may be used to fulfill the clean and safe water needs of any hotel, resort, restaurant, hospital, light industry, commercial business, apartment complex or small city.
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