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Rotary annular crossflow filter, degasser, and sludge thickener

ActiveUS20090159523A1Accelerate scrubbing reactionLiquid degasificationSludge treatmentHigh energySludge
A rotating annular crossflow filter shears radially outward flowing axial feed between counter-rotating coaxial centrifugal impellers. A radial impedance of flow at the impeller periphery slows the radially outward flow and increases residence time of feed between the impellers. Shear lift ejects solids from the boundary layer at the filter surface, and ejected solids collect by centrifugation at the impeller periphery, where they thicken into a sludge and are extruded. Gases, oils, floating solids, and fractions having a specific gravity less than water evolve into radial vortices and are sucked radially inward and out from between the impellers by an axial pump. Three way phase separation proceeds continuously in one pass through a simple mechanical device having a long residence time for feed in the processing zone.
Opposing rugose portions of counter-rotating impeller surfaces cause audio frequency pressure pulses. At the impeller periphery, the pressure pulses milk liquid out of sludge. At the portion of the radial passage prior to the filter, pressure pulses evolve gases and degassed cavitation bubbles inactivate microbes. Degassing of the high energy forced periodic cavitation bubbles between the impellers removes the cushion of noncondensibles which would otherwise absorb energy on compression, therefore implosion becomes extremely violent and a barrage of high pressure pulses and ultraviolet light pulses inactivates microbes.
Applications include field water purification, municipal and industrial wastewater degassing and sludge thickening, swimming pool filtration, effluent dewatering, wine and beverage degassing and clarification, fruit crushing, olive oil dewatering, produced brine and drilling mud processing, manure slurry dewatering and degassing, and recovery of solvents and fine suspended solids from fluid mixtures such as wastewater from machining operations.
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