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Wastewater (or waste water) is any water that has been affected by human use. Wastewater is "used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, surface runoff or stormwater, and any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration". Therefore, wastewater is a byproduct of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities. The characteristics of wastewater vary depending on the source. Types of wastewater include: domestic wastewater from households, municipal wastewater from communities (also called sewage) and industrial wastewater. Wastewater can contain physical, chemical and biological pollutants.

Apparatus for the purification of water and method therefor

An apparatus and method for the purification of contaminated water whereby the contamination level of the wastewater is automatically monitored and treatment self-adjusted and continued until the desired level of purification is reached. Specifically, if upon treatment a pre-set purification level is not obtained a water recycle control means completely precludes the uptake of additional contaminated water and recycles wastewater within the apparatus until the desired level of purification is obtained. The present invention more particularly pertains to an efficient, turn key, economical, movable, automatic and compact apparatus and method for treating a fluid with ozone comprising multiple pressurized contact columns which are arranged in a hybrid parallel and series column configuration, which utilizes a unique water recycle control system and piping arrangement to improve the efficiency of the mass transfer of ozone into the water and increase its solubility by increasing the contact time between the water phase and the gas phase. The apparatus and method of the present invention has the further advantage that it requires minimal installation and may be used to fulfill the clean and safe water needs of any hotel, resort, restaurant, hospital, light industry, commercial business, apartment complex or small city.

Method for preparing magnetic biological carbon adsorbing material and usage thereof

The invention discloses a method for preparing magnetic biological carbon adsorbing material and the usage thereof. The method comprises the steps: 1) drying and crushing waste biomass, and sieving by20-100 meshes; 2) putting the sieved biomass into 0.1-0.5mol/L of iron salt solution with the weight percent of the biomass being 1-10% of the total quantity; under stirring, dripping 3-6mol/L of NaOH solution until the pH value of the solution is 9-10; 3) filtering, drying and compacting the solid precipitate, and then limiting oxygen carbonizing for 1-5h at the temperature of 100-700 DEG C, thus obtaining the magnetic biological carbon adsorbing material; 4) putting the magnetic biological carbon adsorbing material into waste water, and simultaneously removing organic pollutant and phosphate radical in the waste water. The method realizes synchronization of preparation of the adsorbing material and the process of magnetization, and is simple in preparation process, rich in the source ofthe biomass material and low in cost; furthermore, the prepared magnetic adsorbent is covered by biological carbon or embedded with magnetic nano Fe3O4 granules, has special structure and stable existence, can effectively remove the organic pollutant and phosphate in the waste water, and is easy for magnetic separation.

Method for preparing herbal biological fiber and biological paper pulp

The invention discloses a method for preparing a herbal biological fiber and biological paper pulp, and the used microbial composite agent and a preparation method thereof. The biological fiber is prepared through pretreatment of a herbal raw material, biological degumming fermentation, and subsequent mechanical treatment of a fermentation product. The composite agent comprises degumming bacteria, nutrition bacteria and decolorizing bacteria, and various strains are synergistic without antagonistic reaction. In the method for preparing the biological fiber and the biological paper pulp, a chemical additive is not needed at all, but the high-cellulose and hemicellulose biological fiber and the biological paper pulp can be industrially produced; decolorization is complete, and the produced biological fiber and biological paper pulp have white color; a bleaching process is avoided, so investment in decolorizing production equipment is saved, and fiber extracting and pulping investment cost can be effectively reduced; in addition, waste gas and waste water are not generated in the fiber extracting and pulping process, inorganic pollutants are not generated, waste water and waste residues produced in each process step can be produced and converted into a biological fertilizer, and water is recycled.

Anaerobic digestion handling method for restaurant garbage

The invention provides a method for resourceful treatment of restaurant garbage, which is characterized in that the restaurant garbage is completely degraded after treatment with the working procedures of oil separating, preliminary selecting, mechanical crushing, hydraulic pulping, slurry blending, anaerobic fermentation and oxygen-control composting, finally the marsh gas is decomposed via anaerobic digestion and is utilized as energy after desulfurization treatment; the high-quality organic manure is produced from the biogas residues via oxygen-control composting; the separated oil can be recycled as the regenerated industrial raw oil; the wastewater generated in the treatment process can be recycled, and finally the redundant wastewater reaching the standard is discharged after biochemical treatment; and the odor generated by the garbage in the treatment process is directly discharged after reaching the standard via biofiltration treatment, thus the restaurant garbage can be transformed into the clean regenerated energy of electric power and the pollution-free organic manure to completely realize resourceful treatment of restaurant garbage. The resourceful treatment of restaurant garbage has the advantages of innocuity, no peculiar smell, no secondary pollution during the treatment process and realization of harmless and resourceful treatment of restaurant garbage.

Microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device allowing greatly expanding single pot treating capacity

The invention relates to a microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device allowing greatly expanding single pot treating capacity and belongs to the technical field of wastewater treatment. The existing microwave photocatalytic degradation technology aiming at industrial wastewater containing organic pollutants has the problems of microwave energy waste and small practical single pot wastewater treating capacity; in addition, in the prior art, the phenomenon of scale deposit can occur after the outer side surface of a quartz tube for shielding an electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is soaked in wastewater for a long time, a scale layer formed by the scale deposit blocks the permeability of light and also affects the wastewater treatment efficiency of the existing device; and the microwave photocatalytic wastewater degradation device aims at solving all the problems. The device adopts the structure that the electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is arranged in a wire mesh cage-shaped non-light tight microwave restraint made of metal material, and leads microwave into the restraint to restrain the microwave, so that microwave is free from inconducive dissipation, the design volume of a reactor is allowed to be greatly expanded based on the structure, and further the single pot wastewater treating capacity of the reactor is greatly enhanced. The device instantaneously eliminates the scale layer through high-frequency ultrasonic wave.
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