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Terminal-cloud cooperative computing architecture, task scheduling device and task scheduling method

The invention discloses a terminal-cloud cooperative computing architecture, a task scheduling device and a task scheduling method. The terminal-cloud cooperative computing architecture under an edge cloud computing platform and the task scheduling method under the architecture provided in the invention aim to solve the problems that the load of the existing edge cloud platform is high and the communication overhead when a task is submitted to a remote end is high in the rapid development cloud application time. Different from the traditional cloud computing platform, the terminal-cloud cooperative computing architecture disclosed by the invention is as follows: terminals, which are safely certificated and accessed to the system and have a certain computing capability, are also added into a computing resource pool, so that a terminal cluster is formed; the terminal cluster has relatively high expansibility; the cloud expansibility is increased; the terminal cluster and a service node cluster in static cloud complete a previous task computed by a single cloud platform together; the traditional cloud platform is optimized; the load of the cloud side is effectively reduced; the architecture has the real-time and rapid characteristics of edge cloud; and furthermore, relatively high and steady services of large data applications, such as the internet of things, can be provided.

System, method and apparatus that isolate virtual private network (VPN) and best effort traffic to resist denial of service attacks

A network architecture in accordance with the present invention includes a communication network that supports one or more network-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The communication network includes a plurality of boundary routers that are connected by access links to CPE edge routers belonging to the one or more VPNs. To prevent traffic from outside a customer's VPN (e.g., traffic from other VPNs or the Internet at large) from degrading the QoS provided to traffic from within the customer's VPN, the present invention gives precedence to intra-VPN traffic over extra-VPN traffic on each customer's access link through access link prioritization or access link capacity allocation, such that extra-VPN traffic cannot interfere with inter-VPN traffic. Granting precedence to intra-VPN traffic over extra-VPN traffic in this manner entails special configuration of network elements and protocols, including partitioning between intra-VPN and extra-VPN traffic on the physical access link using layer 2 multiplexing and the configuration of routing protocols to achieve logical traffic separation between intra-VPN traffic and extra-VPN traffic at the VPN boundary routers and CPE edge routers. By configuring the access networks, the VPN boundary routers and CPE edge routers, and the routing protocols of the edge and boundary routers in this manner, the high-level service of DoS attack prevention is achieved.

Service routing network, and method and equipment for service processing

ActiveCN102571602AImprove scalabilityData switching networksSoftware updateService process
The invention, which is suitable for the communication technology field, provides a service routing network, and a method and equipment for service processing. The service routing network comprises a service label processing module, a service processing control module and a service processing module. The service label processing module is used for generating one or a plurality of service labels corresponding to a received message. A label processing unit is used to insert a service label in a message or modify and delete the service label in the message according to a routing table generated by the service processing control module. The service processing control module is used to generate a service routing table. And the service processing module is used to carry out corresponding processing on characteristics of one kind of or a plurality of kinds of services according to the service label in the message. According to the invention, service routing is carried out based on a service label and generation of a new service is realized only by linking a new service processing module; and there is no need to carry out hardware changing on an original service processing module or carry out processing on software updating. And compared with the prior art, the technology employed in the invention enables high expandability to be realized.

Distributed screen splicing control system and control method

The invention provides a distributed screen splicing control system and a control method. A server of the system outputs a splicing instruction to a linked video processing unit through a switch according to received screen splicing information; the video processing unit is connected with m video sources through video lines, is linked with the server through the switch, obtains video data according to the splicing instruction and the information of the video sources, carries out image segmentation, encoding and package to the video data in a splicing mode, and outputs packaged code streams according to addresses of display processors; n display processors are connected with n sub-screens through the video lines, and any one display processor is linked with the server and receives the packaged code stream corresponding to the address of the display processor from the switch, analyzes and decodes the packaged code stream and then outputs the packaged code stream to the sub-screen connected with the display processor to display. With the adoption of the method and the system, the expandability can be increased, the distance limit of transmitting an analog signal is eliminated, and the cost of transmitting the analog signal is reduced.

Step wave pulse width modulation method based on nonlinear programming

The invention relates to a step wave pulse width modulation method based on nonlinear programming. The step wave pulse width modulation method comprises the following steps of: correspondingly calculating the number of sub-modules in a part to be added or cut according to increase or decrease of a modulation degree so as to reach required alternating current voltage output; secondly, establishing a nonlinear programming mathematical model of the modulation method with a goal that the approximate error of a fundamental wave component in the step wave outputted by a current converter is minimum relative to a given modulation wave on the basis of a theoretically output step waveform Fourier transform result by selecting an initial value of a triggering angle; finally obtaining the solution of the triggering angle under a corresponding level number and modulation degree. The step wave pulse width modulation method based on the nonlinear programming, disclosed by the invention, overcomes defects of a specific sub-harmonic elimination method that calculation amount is huge and on-line real-time calculation cannot be carried out. A switch device is only switched on and off once in one cyclic wave, the remarkable advantage of small switching loss is achieved. The step wave pulse width modulation method based on the nonlinear programming, disclosed by the invention, has better expandability, can theoretically finish trigger impulse control tasks of voltage source current converters with any quantity of levels, has stronger transportability, is suitable for modularized multi-level converters and is also suitable for cascaded H-shaped bridge type voltage source current converters with a large quantity of levels.

Narrow-line-width high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source generating device

InactiveCN104752944AEasy to operateImprove scalabilityLaser detailsLine widthHigh dimensionality
The invention discloses a narrow-line-width high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source generating device. The device comprises a pumping laser unit, a crystal unit, a filter unit and a collection and analysis unit, the pumping laser unit is used for generating pumping light needed in the process of spontaneous parametric down-conversion of the crystal unit, the crystal unit is used for receiving pumping light emitted by the pumping laser unit and utilizing the spontaneous parametric down-conversion process to generate a high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source carrying orbital angular momentum information, the filter unit is used for filtering pumping light in the high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source and narrowing line width of the same, and the collection and analysis unit is used for collecting the narrow-line-width high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source after being processed by the filter unit and measuring entanglement characteristics of the same. The narrow-line-width high-dimensionality quantum entanglement light source generating device has the advantages of convenience in adjusting, high-dimensionality correlation and can be used in various application fields like quantum communication, quantum networks, quantum passwords and quantum physical testing.

Method for realizing non-barrier automatic psychological consult by adopting computer

The invention discloses a method for realizing non-barrier automatic psychological consult by adopting a computer, relating to a psychological consult technology and solving the problems of unavailable independent operation, consult and monitoring without real-time feedback, consult results without duly feedback, psychological consult files without establishment of overall process of consult and therapy, and weak expansibility of traditional psychological consultant adjuvant therapy equipment. A process of the method comprises the steps of: A, carrying out extraction of key words, expansion key words and work string sequence on input natural language statements; B, carrying out semantic matching, wherein the semantic matching comprises key words matching, expansion key words matching and word string sequence matching, and if certain matching in the semantic matching exceeds a threshold value, the matching is judged to be successful, or else, information incapable of being answered is output; and C, carrying out conversation management and outputting return statement, wherein the conversation management comprises rehearsal, a content reflection technology and conversation context management. The invention can be used independently or mutually compensated with a psychological consultant, which makes up the deficiency of the psychological consultative organization to some extent.

Deep intelligent driving application-oriented traffic sign recognition algorithm

The invention discloses a deep intelligent driving application-oriented traffic sign recognition algorithm, based on consideration of multisource open beta data set translation expansibility and stability by a network, a unified category representation of the multisource open beta data set for traffic signs is built, through a data enhancement strategy randomly clipped based on local context information, expansion of the data set is realized, and a multiscale convolution feature map network and an aggregate network iteration alternate verification training strategy is adopted, a detection network and a recognition network with relatively good performance are obtained, and thus the networks are easy to train and faster in convergence; based on a characteristic of convolution from bottom to top, and through a top-to-down fusion multiscale convolution characteristic network modeling method, the recall ratio of small-sized traffic signs is improved; and design of deeper and more complicated Convnet is not pursued to obtain a higher object recognition rate, but aiming at the characteristics of traffic sign targets, through a contrast experiment, an aggregate network capable of achieving better information flow and better performance is proposed, and efficiency recognition of traffic signs is realized.
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