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Tool grip calibration for robotic surgery

ActiveUS7386365B2Limited tool lifeStringent manufacturing toleranceProgramme-controlled manipulatorDiagnosticsEngineeringActuator
Telerobotic, telesurgical, and surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods selectively calibrate end effector jaws by bringing the jaw elements into engagement with each other. Commanded torque signals may bring the end effector elements into engagement while monitoring the resulting position of a drive system, optionally using a second derivative of the torque / position relationship so as to identify an end effector engagement position. Calibration can allow the end effector engagement position to correspond to a nominal closed position of an input handle by compensating for wear on the end effector, the end effector drive system, then manipulator, the manipulator drive system, the manipulator / end effector interfacing, and manufacturing tolerances.

Medical manipulator

A medical manipulator includes an operating unit and a working unit. The operating unit has an actuator block with motors housed therein. The working unit is detachably mounted on the actuator block by a coupler. The working unit comprises a joint shaft that extends from the coupler, and a distal-end working unit mounted on a distal end of the joint shaft. The distal-end working unit has three axes, including a yaw axis, a roll axis about which the distal-end working unit is rotatable and which is positioned closer to a distal end of the distal-end working unit than the yaw axis, and a gripper axis about which a gripper is openable and closable and which is positioned on the distal end. The distal-end working unit can be operated about the roll axis by a motor, which is positioned closer to the distal end than the yaw axis.

Systems and methods for safe compliant insertion and hybrid force/motion telemanipulation of continuum robots

Methods and systems are described for controlling movement of a continuum robot that includes a plurality of independently controlled segments along the length of the continuum robot. The continuum robot is inserted into a cavity of unknown dimensions or shape. A plurality of forces acting upon the continuum robot by the surrounding cavity are estimated. A positioning command indicating a desired movement of the distal end of the continuum robot is received from a manipulator control. The desired movement is augmented based, at least in part, on the estimated plurality of forces acting on the continuum robot such that movement is restricted to within safe boundaries of the surrounding cavity. The positioning of the continuum robot is then adjusted based on the augmented desired movement.

Manipulator for medical use

ActiveUS20080183193A1Easily confirm rotational angleEasy to confirmDiagnosticsSurgical manipulatorsWork unitManipulator
A manipulator comprises a hollow shaft, wires provided on the shaft and a working unit disposed on one end of the shaft and being driven by at least one wire of the wires, the working unit having a tip tool including a rolling mechanism which rotates about an axis Or directed to a distal end thereof. A tip side surface of a proximal end member and a cover of a distal end member are relatively rotated by the rolling mechanism. The cover has a rotation identifier for indicating a degree of relative rotation of the tip side surface. The tip side surface has an alignment indicator for indicating an initial position of the cover.
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