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Closed loop. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Closed loop may refer to: A feedback loop, often found in: Closed-loop transfer function, where a closed-loop controller may be used. Electronic feedback loops in electronic circuits.

Tissue closure device and method of deliver and uses thereof

The present invention relates generally to a tissue closure device and in particular to a tissue closure device having a plurality of configurations providing for delivery and use in minimally invasive procedures. A tissue closure device (100) is provided from shape memory or super-elastic materials for closing a tissue site opening (50), the device comprising a plurality of tissue anchors (130) extending from a closed loop surface (110) wherein the plane of said tissue anchors is provided at an angle essentially perpendicular with respect to the plane of said closed loop surface; a. wherein said plurality of tissue anchors (130) comprise a proximal end (130p) and a distal end (130d); said distal end provided for anchoring said device onto tissue (50); and wherein said proximal end (130p) is fluid with and extends from said closed loop surface (110); and b. said closed loop surface (110) having a plurality of configurations including: a delivery configuration (1OOd), an open configuration (1000) and a closed configuration (100c) wherein said closed loop surface (110) may undergo a transformation between one of said plurality of configurations to another; said delivery configuration (1OOd) defining a low profile of said device (100) and adapted for delivery to a tissue site (50) through a small profile access point having a first diameter and wherein said closure device is utilized to close a tissue site having a second diameter such that said second diameter is larger than said first diameter.

Medical treatment system with energy delivery device for limiting reuse

InactiveUS7118564B2Without disabling functionalityControlling energy of instrumentEye treatmentClosed loopLaser surgery
The present invention provides an energy delivery device for use with a medical treatment system for the more efficacious treatment of patients during laser surgery which limits the number of uses or prevents reuse of the energy delivery device after a certain threshold limit has been reached. The energy delivery device comprises a diffusing optical fiber and a memory device having data programmed therein and being operatively connected to an energy generator the optical fiber includes a temperature sensor for generating a temperature signal in a closed loop manner. The data stored in the memory device includes a multiplicity of use parameters, usage limits, usage counts, and count limits all relating to the properties of the medical treatment system. The use parameters may include an elapsed time, a total treatment time, and a number of treatment sites. A main processor is also included for calculating a temperature from the temperature signal and for updating the use parameters in response to data received by the main processor. The main processor is also used to compare the use parameters to their corresponding usage limits. The main processor can create and increment a usage count when at least one of the use parameters exceeds its corresponding usage limit. Thereafter, the main processor compares the usage count to the count limit and disables the energy delivery device when the usage count exceeds a predetermined count limit.

Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods

InactiveUS6767706B2Rapid and complete exposureQuick and accurate and inexpensive analysisBioreactor/fermenter combinationsFlow mixersAntigenHybridization probe
The invention relates to a microfabricated device for the rapid detection of DNA, proteins or other molecules associated with a particular disease. The devices and methods of the invention can be used for the simultaneous diagnosis of multiple diseases by detecting molecules (e.g. amounts of molecules), such as polynucleotides (e.g., DNA) or proteins (e.g., antibodies), by measuring the signal of a detectable reporter associated with hybridized polynucleotides or antigen/antibody complex. In the microfabricated device according to the invention, detection of the presence of molecules (i.e., polynucleotides, proteins, or antigen/antibody complexes) are correlated to a hybridization signal from an optically-detectable (e.g. fluorescent) reporter associated with the bound molecules. These hybridization signals can be detected by any suitable means, for example optical, and can be stored for example in a computer as a representation of the presence of a particular gene. Hybridization probes can be immobilized on a substrate that forms part of or is exposed to a channel or channels of the device that form a closed loop, for circulation of sample to actively contact complementary probes. Universal chips according to the invention can be fabricated not only with DNA but also with other molecules such as RNA, proteins, peptide nucleic acid (PNA) and polyamide molecules.

Dynamic target tracking and positioning method of unmanned plane based on vision

The invention discloses a dynamic target tracking and positioning method of an unmanned plane based on vision, and belongs to the navigation field of the unmanned planes. The dynamic target tracking and positioning method comprises the following steps of: carrying out video processing, dynamic target detecting and image tracking; carrying out cloud deck servo control; establishing a corresponding relationship between a target in the image and a target in the real environment, and further measuring the distance between a camera and a dynamic target to complete precise positioning of the dynamic target; and enabling an unmanned plane control system to fly by automatically tracking the dynamic target on the ground. The dynamic target tracking and positioning method of the unmanned plane based on the vision can automatically realize the movement target detecting, image tracking and optical axis automatic deflecting without the full participation of the people, so that the dynamic target is always displayed at the center of an image-forming plane; and the distance between the unmanned plane and the dynamic target is measured in real time according to an established model on the basis of obtaining the height information of the unmanned plane. Therefore, the positioning of the dynamic target is realized; closed-loop control is formed by using the positioned dynamic target as a feedback signal, so that the tracking flight of the unmanned plane is guided.
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