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Medical treatment system with energy delivery device for limiting reuse

ActiveUS20050113815A1Without disabling functionalityControlling energy of instrumentEye treatmentClosed loopData store
The present invention provides an energy delivery device for use with a medical treatment system for the more efficacious treatment of patients during laser surgery which limits the number of uses or prevents reuse of the energy delivery device after a certain threshold limit has been reached. The energy delivery device comprises a diffusing optical fiber and a memory device having data programmed therein and being operatively connected to an energy generator the optical fiber includes a temperature sensor for generating a temperature signal in a closed loop manner. The data stored in the memory device includes a multiplicity of use parameters, usage limits, usage counts, and count limits all relating to the properties of the medical treatment system. The use parameters may include an elapsed time, a total treatment time, and a number of treatment sites. A main processor is also included for calculating a temperature from the temperature signal and for updating the use parameters in response to data received by the main processor. The main processor is also used to compare the use parameters to their corresponding usage limits. The main processor can create and increment a usage count when at least one of the use parameters exceeds its corresponding usage limit. Thereafter, the main processor compares the usage count to the count limit and disables the energy delivery device when the usage count exceeds a predetermined count limit.

Protective cushion and cooperatively engageable helmet casing for anesthetized patient

InactiveUS6490737B1Aid in temperature controlOperating tablesEye treatmentTemperature controlChin
A protective helmet apparatus of modular construction to be worn by anesthetized patients for facial support during surgery. The helmet apparatus is assembled using one of a plurality of interchangeable, substantially transparent helmet casings, which are removably attachable to a plurality of dismountable facial cushions providing even support to the facial surface of a patient. The removable facial cushions are dimensioned on and interior surface to accommodate different sized facial structures of different patients to yield maximum pressure diffusion on the face and chin of the patient and are replaceable when worn. The exterior surface of the facial cushions are dimensioned for cooperative engagement with the interior surface of the helmet casing. A plurality of different facial cushions and helmet casings are modular in design and dimension to be interchangeable with each other thus providing accommodate the broad differences in facial structure and size of patients using them for surgery. The cushions may be marked with printed or color coded indicia to designate size. A view of the patients eyes and surrounding area is afforded through in line ocular apertures extending around a front surface area and up at least one sidewall. The ocular aperture is in line with a cushion ocular aperture when the cushion is engaged with the casing thereby allowing a view of the patent eye and surrounding face through the ocular aperture from the side of the device. Additional utility is provided by variable elevation above a registered engagement with a mount which also may provide a mirrored surface to reflect the patent facial features for viewing by upright doctors and operating staff. An optional integral heating element aids in temperature control of the patient's head during surgery.
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