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Controlled release preparation

The invention discloses a controlled release preparation with improved performance. The controlled release preparation comprises a core containing medicament and a controlled release film covering the outside of the core and being almost insoluble in water as well as stomach and intestines digestive juice. The controlled release film comprises particulate matters of a water soluble medicinal additive, the water-soluble medicinal additive is covered by a polymer film which can be soluble in the stomach and/or intestines digestive juice but almost insoluble in water, the polymer and the medicinal additive can not produce chemical reaction or can produce chemical reaction but do not produce water-insoluble non-gaseous products and the pharmaceutically unacceptable products, and the amount of the polymer is no more 700% of that of the medicinal additive. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the controlled release preparation. The controlled release preparation has the advantages of improved medicament release reproducibility, reduced medicament release lag time, accelerated medicament release and improved bioavailability, can realize located controlled release, delayed controlled release and interval type or pulse type controlled release of the medicament in the gastrointestinal tract, and the like.

Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof

Drugs, especially low aqueous solubility drugs, are provided in a porous matrix form, preferably microparticles, which enhances dissolution of the drug in aqueous media. The drug matrices preferably are made using a process that includes (i) dissolving a drug, preferably a drug having low aqueous solubility, in a volatile solvent to form a drug solution, (ii) combining at least one pore forming agent with the drug solution to form an emulsion, suspension, or second solution and hydrophilic or hydrophobic excipients that stabilize the drug and inhibit crystallization, and (iii) removing the volatile solvent and pore forming agent from the emulsion, suspension, or second solution to yield the porous matrix of drug. Hydrophobic or hydrophilic excipients may be selected to stabilize the drug in crystalline form by inhibiting crystal growth or to stabilize the drug in amorphous form by preventing crystallization. The pore forming agent can be either a volatile liquid that is immiscible with the drug solvent or a volatile solid-compound, preferably a volatile salt. In a preferred embodiment, spray drying is used to remove the solvents and the pore forming agent. The resulting porous matrix has a faster rate of dissolution following administration to a patient, as compared to non-porous matrix forms of the drug. In a preferred embodiment, microparticles of the porous drug matrix are reconstituted with an aqueous medium and administered parenterally, or processed using standard techniques into tablets or capsules for oral administration.
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