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Methods and apparatus providing electronic messages that are linked and aggregated

A method for associating related electronic messages in computer storage. A first transportable application is created and stored. User input requesting creation of a link from the first transportable application to another transportable application is received. User input that selects a second transportable application from among a plurality of previously created transportable applications is received. A link from the first transportable application to the second transportable application is created and stored. As a result, transportable application may be inter-related in complex message webs. The message webs may also be inter-related in message web rings. Links may be generated manually or automatically, based on context, workflow processes, or other known relationships among applications. Recipient lists and data may propagate among fields of linked transportable applications, directly or according to abstract business rules. Further, multiple-part electronic messages are disclosed. A graphical user interface of an electronic messaging system displays a message in the form of one or more header portions and one or more body portions. Each of the body portions has a selection region. While one body portion is visible at a given time, all the selection regions are continuously visible in the user interface to facilitate selection of any of the body portions at a particular time. Selecting a selection region of a non-displayed body portion causes a server to generate a refreshed user interface that includes the entirety of the selected body portion, and that hides the previously viewed body portion. As a result, a large amount of associated information may be combined in a single message in a way that is clearly organized and easily accessible.

Biopsy system

A biopsy system is provided including a housing and a biopsy instrument operatively associated with the housing and configured and dimensioned to remove a tissue sample from a patient. A firing module is included that is detachably engageable with the housing and operatively associated with the biopsy instrument to facilitate selective rapid advancement of at least a portion of the biopsy instrument toward a targeted location with the patient. The biopsy instrument includes a tissue receiving portion. The system may include an indexing assembly disposed within the housing and configured to cooperate with the biopsy instrument to selectively orient the tissue receiving portion. The indexing assembly may include a manual gearing assembly configured for selective orientation of the tissue receiving portion. The system may include a linear advancement control assembly disposed within the housing and configured to effect linear actuation of a tubular knife member. An optical sensor may be disposed adjacent a portion of the tubular knife member and oriented to detect the orientation of a lateral opening formed through the tubular knife member. A carriage may be slidably disposed within the housing and configured to releasably retain at least a portion of the biopsy instrument. A method of performing a surgical biopsy is disclosed.

Method and apparatus for analyzing data and advertising optimization

The most preferred embodiment of the present invention is a computer-based decision support system that includes three main components: a database mining engine (DME); an advertising optimization mechanism; and a customized user interface that provides access to the various features of the invention. The user interface, in conjunction with the DME, provides a unique and innovative way to store, retrieve and manipulate data from existing databases containing media-related audience access data, which describe the access habits and preferences of the media audience. By using a database with a simplified storage and retrieval protocol, the data contained therein can be effectively manipulated in real time. This means that previously complex and lengthy information retrieval and analysis activities can be accomplished in very short periods of time (typically seconds instead of minutes or even hours). Further, by utilizing the advertising optimization mechanism of the present invention, businesses, networks, and advertising agencies can interactively create, score, rank and compare various proposed or actual advertising strategies in a simple and efficient manner. This allows the decision-makers to more effectively tailor their marketing efforts and successfully reach the desired target market while conserving scarce advertising capital. Finally, the user interface for the system provides access to both the DME and the optimization mechanism in a simple and straightforward manner, significantly reducing training time.

System for modular building construction

Construction systems for erecting building structures comprise a plurality of prefabricated interconnectable modular building units, each unit not meeting at least one of the ISO certification criteria for transport of cargo but each unit comprising a frame shaped as a rectangular parallelopiped and comprised of framing members and a plurality of nodes, each node situated at a corner of said frame for selective interconnection with other units, the nodes and the exterior dimensions of the frame conforming to ISO shipping standards such that each unit is transportable using the ISO intermodal transportation system, and such that when the units are aggregated horizontally and vertically and adjacent units are interconnected, a building structure comprising at least one habitable space is formed. The modular units are assembled in a factory remote from the job site, and are there constructed to a semi-finished state, including installation of one or more of interior fit-out systems and finishes, exterior envelope systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, environmental systems, and fire protection systems, following which the semi-finished modular units are transported from the factory to the job site, where they are craned into place and secured to form the structure being erected, a plurality of adjacent pairs of semi-finished modular units also being “stitched” together, and the semi-finished modular units are thereafter constructed to a finished state.

System for performing context-sensitive decisions about ideal communication modalities considering information about channel reliability

A system and method for identifying ideal channels for communications based on an analysis of communication channel reliability, communicating party preferences, and communicating party contexts is provided. The system attempts to optimize the utility of a communication based on inferred or directly accessed channel reliability data, communicating party preferences and communicating party contexts. Such optimization can be achieved using reliabilities, preferences and policies concerning handling the attempted contact based on a deterministic specification or through inferring reliability, context, content and task under uncertainty by employing decision-theoretic inferences. The methods may consider channels currently available as well as channels available at later times. Thus, the service can include automated rescheduling of communications based on a consideration of forecasts of reliability and availability. The approach may include the use of forecasts about the time required for a communication and the likelihood that a connection will be dropped or will lose fidelity over this period of time. The methods may also include a consideration of metadata within a standard schema that is transmitted along with a communication attempt, the metadata representing information about attributes like the potential communication channels, the identity of the contactor, the task at hand, and the context of the communicating parties. The invocation of the communication service may be performed in a variety of ways, including single button invocations, and via a communication service that is more deeply integrated with other applications and functionalities.
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