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System and method for implementing wait time estimation in automatic call distribution queues

A system and method for predicting the wait time of a caller to a call center is disclosed. The call center associates a set of agents to which the caller may be queued. This set of agents selected may depend on the skills that each agent possesses, the type of service request made by the caller, caller priority, time of day, day of week and other conditions. An initial wait time estimate may then be given to the caller who is just queued. As a caller's conditions may dynamically change, a caller's position in the queue may also change as well as the pool of available agents. Periodic wait time estimate updates may also be given to the queued caller. A caller's wait time may be estimated based upon mean inter-arrival times for recently past calls into the call center. An average inter-arrival time may be calculated for the last several calls. Alternatively, a caller's wait time may be estimated based upon calls that are recently queued and dequeued. A table of values, Wnj, are maintained wherein each such value denoting the jth recent wait time of calls arriving with n calls already in the queue. An average value, Wn, for each n among all such Wnj, is thus calculated and a caller's estimated wait time is thus given, depending on how many calls are in the queue at the time of calling.

Technique for providing personalized information and communications services

A user may utilize a communication device, e.g., a wireless phone, mobile device or personal digital assistant (PDA), to contact an information / call center where an operator provides personalized information and communications services to the user in accordance with the invention. Such services include, e.g., providing listing information, contacts information, appointments information, etc. To provide effective connectivity, for example, when a user locates a phone number in his / her private directory using a web browser, the user may utilize a direct connect feature of the invention to initiate a phone call to the desired number over the Internet. In addition, the invention allows for delivery of the appointments information to the user not only via voice connection, but also SMS, email, facsimile, PDA, etc. It also allows for rendering a calendaring service in combination with such services as a TeleConcierge® service which helps the user to plan a future event, e.g., making a restaurant reservation. An appointment record concerning the future event is automatically incorporated into the user's calendar once it is successfully planned. To personalize the services, at least one profile associated with the user is used which specifies the subscribed services and the preferred ways of receiving them. For example, the profile may specify use of a special skilled operator, methods of delivery of information to the user, etc.

Method and system for scheduling inbound inquiries

A method and system schedules inbound inquiries, such as inbound telephone calls, for response by agents in an order that is based in part on the forecasted outcome of the inbound inquiries. A scheduling module applies inquiry information to a model to forecast the outcome of an inbound inquiry. The forecasted outcome is used to set a priority value for ordering the inquiry. The priority value may be determined by solving a constrained optimization problem that seeks to maximize an objective function, such as maximizing an agent's productivity to produce sales or to minimize inbound call attrition. The inbound call may be placed on a virtual hold or be responded to on a real-time basis based on the inbound inquiry's priority value. A modeling module generates models that forecast inquiry outcomes based on a history and inquiry information. Statistical analysis such as regression analysis determines the model with the outcome related to the nature of the inquiry. Forecasted outcomes are based on the goal of the inbound calls and include factors such as probability an inbound caller will hang up, probability that an inbound caller will alter a business relationship based on hold time, probability that an inbound caller will make a purchase, and the relative probable reward of responding to an inbound call.
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