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Short text classification method based on convolution neutral network

The invention discloses a short text classification method based on a convolution neutral network. The convolution neutral network comprises a first layer, a second layer, a third layer, a fourth layer and a fifth layer. On the first layer, multi-scale candidate semantic units in a short text are obtained; on the second layer, Euclidean distances between each candidate semantic unit and all word representation vectors in a vector space are calculated, nearest-neighbor word representations are found, and all the nearest-neighbor word representations meeting a preset Euclidean distance threshold value are selected to construct a semantic expanding matrix; on the third layer, multiple kernel matrixes of different widths and different weight values are used for performing two-dimensional convolution calculation on a mapping matrix and the semantic expanding matrix of the short text, extracting local convolution features and generating a multi-layer local convolution feature matrix; on the fourth layer, down-sampling is performed on the multi-layer local convolution feature matrix to obtain a multi-layer global feature matrix, nonlinear tangent conversion is performed on the global feature matrix, and then the converted global feature matrix is converted into a fixed-length semantic feature vector; on the fifth layer, a classifier is endowed with the semantic feature vector to predict the category of the short text.

Self-upgrade method for equipment in remote online monitoring system

The invention belongs to the field of wireless communication, and particularly relates to a self-upgrade method for equipment in a remote online monitoring system. The method is characterized in that: each piece of terminal equipment performs self-upgrade and self-maintenance through the remote online monitoring system consisting of a terminal table tool, a data acquisition unit and a background server based on a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). The method mainly comprises the following steps that: the background server manages an application program and version information; the data acquisition unit periodically inquires a version log and downloads a new version program; the data acquisition unit realizes self-upgrade and upgrades the terminal table tool; and after the new version program is updated successfully, skipping is performed and an old version program is still kept for later use. In the method, the GPRS, storage space management, a file sub-package mechanism, a transmission response mechanism, a mode for continuous transmission at break-points and an IAP (Internet Access Provider) program programming mode are combined, and the accuracy and reliability of data transmission are ensured; and under the condition of not influencing normal use of a user, the equipment upgrading and maintaining problems of large quantity and wide distribution are solved quickly and efficiently.

Interactive learning system and interactive method based on education service robot

ActiveCN106228982AExercise self-studyExercise the ability of independent thinkingPicture reproducers using projection devicesCharacter and pattern recognitionPersonalizationPersonalized learning
The invention discloses an interactive learning system and interactive method based on an education service robot. The interactive learning system mainly comprises a core processor module, a voice processing module, a voice acquisition module, a voice playing module, an image processing module, an image acquisition module, a projection processing module, a motion control module, an environment sensing module, a motor driving module and a network communication module. The interactive method mainly comprises steps that the system acquires user faces and desktop image information in real time; the system records learning conditions of users in real time; and a network server end adopts a big data analysis method to establish a set of personalized learning guiding scheme for users and displays the personalized learning guiding scheme through voice responses, projection responses, rotation of the head of a robot, front, back, left and right movement of the robot, turning on of a body indication lamp of the robot, and the like when a user asks a question or interacts with the system. The beneficial effects of the invention are that the personalized learning guiding scheme can be provided for the user, so the user can easily grasp and improve learnt knowledge by using a proper method and self-learning and independent thinking abilities of the user can be exercised.

Mobile-terminal-based identity authentication system and method

The invention provides a mobile-terminal-based identity authentication method and a mobile-terminal-based identity authentication system. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) acquiring an initial password for the login of a self-service server; (2) logging in the self-service server to acquire an initializing sequence number of a mobile client by a user; (3) initializing the mobile client; and (4) performing identity authentication, namely a user makes a login application to a third party application server, a mobile terminal makes an authentication request to an authentication server, and the third party application server returns an authentication result to the user after obtaining a mobile terminal authentication result from the authentication server, wherein the authentication request made by the mobile terminal to the authentication server comprises dynamic password authentication and position information authentication. Hardware equipment is replaced by a software client, so that the production cost of hardware is saved; and by a dynamic factor (a time factor or an event factor) between the software client and the authentication server, synchronization can be conveniently realized, and integration with a third party application system is facilitated, so that limitation and shortcomings caused by the use of the hardware equipment to the whole authentication system are completely overcome.
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