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Control Data Corporation (CDC) was a mainframe and supercomputer firm. CDC was one of the nine major United States computer companies through most of the 1960s; the others were IBM, Burroughs Corporation, DEC, NCR, General Electric, Honeywell, RCA, and UNIVAC.CDC was well-known and highly regarded throughout the industry at the time.

Method and apparatus for the creation of personalized supervisory and control data acquisition systems for the management and integration of real-time enterprise-wide applications and systems

A system and method provide for the creation and operation of real-time enterprise-wide, personalize supervisory and control data acquisition systems. Personalized SCADA applications are constructed from a virtual application service and a personal agent framework using simple drag and drop operations or other high level action. The virtual application service includes a communications gateway that communicates with disparate and non-interoperable systems and external field devices to communicate low level time data collected from such systems into the application environment transforming the collected data in a single common data format. The virtual application service includes application cells that receive the reformatted data and process it to provide high level analysis and context, storing the processed data in an object server. The object server provides a unified, hierarchical object model for all of the data received from the underlying devices and systems. The virtual application service communicates with personal agent frameworks containing presentation cells and service agents. The service agents are representative of the virtual application service, and provide the personal agent framework with access to the object server to receive and send data from the object server to the presentation cells. The presentation cells subscribe to the object server's data objects via the service agent. Presentation cell provide a graphical representation and mapping of data objects and hence underlying devices and systems, to allow a user to manage and control such systems.

Transferring scheduling data from a plurality of disk storage devices to a network switch before transferring data associated with scheduled requests between the network switch and a plurality of host initiators

A network switch is disclosed for resolving requests from a plurality of host initiators by scheduling access to a plurality of disk storage devices. The network switch comprises a switched fabric comprising a plurality of switching elements. Each switching element comprises a plurality of bi-directional switched fabric ports, and a control input connected to receive switch control data for selectively configuring the switching element in order to interconnect the bi-directional switched fabric ports. The network switch further comprises a memory for storing a routing and scheduling program, and a microprocessor, responsive to the requests, for executing the steps of the routing and scheduling program to generate the switch control data to transmit scheduled requests through the bi-directional switched fabric ports. At least one of the plurality of switching elements comprises a disk storage interface for connecting to a selected one of the disk storage devices. The microprocessor schedules access to the plurality of disk storage devices through the disk storage interface. The disk storage interface receives scheduling data from the selected one of the storage devices, and the memory stores the scheduling data received via the bi-directional switched fabric ports of a selected number of the switching elements. The scheduling data is processed according to a priority such that the selected switching elements transfer the scheduling data through the bi-directional switched fabric ports before transferring data associated with the scheduled requests.
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