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Transparent contacts for organic devices

A multicolor organic light emitting device employs vertically stacked layers of double heterostructure devices which are fabricated from organic compounds. The vertical stacked structure is formed on a glass base having a transparent coating of ITO or similar metal to provide a substrate. Deposited on the substrate is the vertical stacked arrangement of three double heterostructure devices, each fabricated from a suitable organic material. Stacking is implemented such that the double heterostructure with the longest wavelength is on the top of the stack. This constitutes the device emitting red light on the top with the device having the shortest wavelength, namely, the device emitting blue light, on the bottom of the stack. Located between the red and blue device structures is the green device structure. The devices are configured as stacked to provide a staircase profile whereby each device is separated from the other by a thin transparent conductive contact layer to enable light emanating from each of the devices to pass through the semitransparent contacts and through the lower device structures while further enabling each of the devices to receive a selective bias. The devices are substantially transparent when de-energized, making them useful for heads-up display applications.
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