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A pinion is a round gear—usually the smaller of two meshed gears—used in several applications, including drivetrain and rack and pinion systems.

Bi-directional overrunning clutch

A bi-directional overrunning clutch is disclosed for controlling torque transmission between a secondary drive shaft and secondary driven shafts. The overrunning clutch includes a pinion input shaft in a differential housing that engages with a clutch housing rotatably disposed within the differential housing. At least one race is located adjacent to the clutch housing and is engaged with an output shaft. A cage is located between the race and the clutch housing. The cage is movable with respect to the clutch housing. A <DEL-S DATE="20030304" ID="DEL-S-00001"/>first<DEL-E ID="DEL-S-00001"/> coil is mounted within the differential housing adjacent to the cage and is adapted to produce an electromagnetic field when energized which causes the cage to drag with respect to the clutch housing. The dragging of the cage with respect to the clutch housing positions <INS-S DATE="20030304" ID="INS-S-00001"/>rolls within <INS-E ID="INS-S-00001"/>the cage to engage the clutch housing with the race when wheels on a primary drive shaft lose traction. <DEL-S DATE="20030304" ID="DEL-S-00002"/>A<DEL-E ID="DEL-S-00002"/> <INS-S DATE="20030304" ID="INS-S-00002"/>If desired a <INS-E ID="INS-S-00002"/>second coil <DEL-S DATE="20030304" ID="DEL-S-00003"/>is<DEL-E ID="DEL-S-00003"/> <INS-S DATE="20030304" ID="INS-S-00003"/>may be <INS-E ID="INS-S-00003"/>mounted within the differential housing adjacent <DEL-S DATE="20030304" ID="DEL-S-00004"/>adjacent<DEL-E ID="DEL-S-00004"/> to the cage. The second coil is adapted to produce an electromagnetic field when energized which advances cage with respect to the clutch housing causing the clutch housing to engage with the races. When the second coil is activated, the output shaft drives the pinion input shaft producing engine braking. An electronic control system is utilized to control the energizing of the coils.

Tools for implantation and extraction of posteriorly placed lumbar articial discs including: a totally wireless electronically embedded action-ended endoscope utilizing differential directional illumination with digitally controlled mirrors and/or prisms, and a disc ball inserter , a plate extractor, and rescue disc plates

A hand manipulated endoscopic medical device is disclosed. The medical device includes a body having a proximal end, which is hand manipulated, and a distal end which includes a manipulator. A light emitting device is centrally disposed at the distal end. An imaging device is centrally disposed at the distal end for imaging at least a portion of the region illuminated by the light emitting device. Also disclosed is a tool for extracting an artificial lumbar disc from between a pair of vertebral plates. The extraction tool includes a handle, a member for transmitting force, and a sharpened end, specially configured to be placed between the artificial disc and the vertebral plate. Further disclosed is a tool for implanting or explanting a ball to or from an artificial lumbar disc. The implanter/explanter includes a pinion shaft and a pinion shaft enclosure. A tightening knob is disposed at the proximal end of the shaft enclosure and coupled to the pinion shaft. A pinion is disposed at the distal end of the pinion shaft. A grappling device is disposed at the pinion, and it includes a pair of semi-circular rings. When the pinion is rotated, the semi-circular rings move relative to one another and are capable of grasping or releasing the ball.
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