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Biometric identification attendance checking method, device and system

Belonging to the technical field of biometric identification, the invention discloses a biometric identification attendance checking method, device and system. The method includes: acquiring the identification information and biological characteristic information of attendance staff; transmitting the acquired information to a biometric identification cloud server to conduct biometric identification comparison; receiving a verification dynamic code returned after successful identification and comparison by the biometric identification cloud server; acquiring the geographical position information of the attendance staff; and transmitting the verification dynamic code, the identification information and geographical position information of the attendance staff to an attendance application server; and receiving the attendance checking accomplishment information returned by the attendance application server. The method, device and system provided by the invention focus on security identity authentication through the biometric identification cloud server, and utilize a mobile terminal, the attendance application server and the biometric identification cloud server three parties to guarantee a closed authentication process, not only have high safety, but also can ease the pressure caused by concentrated punch in-out of employees during rush hours, avoid companies' repeated investment and construction of attendance checking equipment of their own, and save cost for enterprises.

Seasoning health-care tea and preparation method thereof

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The invention discloses a seasoning health-care tea and a preparation method thereof. The health-care tea is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15-20 parts of crab feet, 15-20 parts of shorthairy antenoron, 2-3 parts of ganoderma lucidum, 5-8 parts of black tea, 13-18 parts of honeysuckle flowers, 15-18 parts of grosvener siraitia and 10-13 parts of Kunlun snow chrysanthemum. The preparation method comprises the steps of baking, matching and sterilizing. According to the preparation method, the health-care tea is prepared from the crab feet, the shorthairy antenoron, the ganoderma lucidum, the honeysuckle flowers, the grosvener siraitia and the Kunlun snow chrysanthemum with the black tea according to compatibility relationships. The seasoning health-care tea combines the health-care functions of the rab feet, the shorthairy antenoron, the ganoderma lucidum, the honeysuckle flowers, the grosvener siraitia, the Kunlun snow chrysanthemum and the black tea, not only keeps the taste of tea but also has the strong functions of nourishing and protecting the liver and resisting tumor based on tests, and is suitable for people of all ages and is especially suitable for people suffering from excessive smoking and drinking, busy work, emotional stress or drinking and eating disorder.

Preparation method of manganese sulfate for electrolytic manganese dioxide

The invention belongs to the field of battery material processing, and specifically relates to a preparation method of manganese sulfate for electrolytic manganese dioxide. The preparation method comprises the steps of manganese sulfate leaching and neutralization for iron removal, impurity removal of heavy metals, electrolysis and post-processing; concretely, manganese oxide ore powder, pyrite powder and an industrial sulphuric acid are subjected to high-temperature and high-pressure leaching in the presence of SO2 so as to prepare a coarse manganese sulfate solution, then the coarse manganese sulfate solution is subjected to iron removal by using calcium carbonate and subjected to primary heavy metal removal by using barium sulphide, and an adsorbent is added to secondarily remove trace elements, so that the concentrations of the trace elements such as As, Sb and Mo are all less than or equal to 0.005 ppm, thereby obtaining a manganese sulfate solution with a good quality. The content of impurities such as Fe, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, K, Na, Ca, Mg, and the like in the manganese sulfate solution prepared by using the method disclosed by the invention is low, wherein the content of Cu is less than or equal to 2.0 ppm, the content of Pb is less than or equal to 3.0 ppm, the content of Ni is less than or equal to 2.0 ppm, and the content of Co is less than or equal to 2.0 ppm.

Analyzing method for accessory vehicles

The invention provides an analyzing method for accessory vehicles. The method includes checking running tracks of suspected vehicles from a database during a period, classifying all the locations appeared in the database according to belonged administrative areas to acquired different areas, and meanwhile setting the times when the suspected vehicles pass by each area during a period to be time nodes; automatically generating corresponding checking threads as many as the areas by an application server according to the number of areas; checking all the vehicles passing by the corresponding areas in a plurality minutes before or after the time nodes by each checking thread checking in the database; reading all the running tracks of related vehicles and matching the running tracks with that of the suspected vehicles by the application server, and considering the related vehicles accessory to the suspected vehicles if the matching is successful; and extracting data of all similar vehicles to acquire a list of similar vehicles. By the analyzing method for similar vehicles, the high performance of the application server is fully played, most of the analyzing tasks by the application server are executed, and the pressure of database is highly decreased and the efficiency of data analyzing Is improved.

Process for washing, pre-desulfurizing and refining tapping steel slag of converter

The invention relates to a process for washing, pre-desulfurizing and refining tapping steel slag of a converter, which belongs to the technical field of steel making. The process is characterized in that the steel-tapping temperature of the converter is 1,650-1,720DEG C; strongly deoxidizing by adopting ferro-aluminium the addition of which is 3-5kg/t of steel when the steel is tapped for 1.5min; adding synthetic slag the addition of which is 5-8kg/t of steel at the bottom of a steel ladle before tapping steel; lime the addition of which is 4-6kg/t of steel is continuously added along steel stream when the steel is tapped for 2 min; the flow rate of argon gas bottom blowing from the ladle in the steel tapping process is controlled to be 3-5NL/(min.t); aluminum particles the addition of which is 0.5-0.8kg/t of steel are added into a slag surface after finishing tapping for deoxidizing the slag surface; and after finishing slag washing, the oxidability of steel slag is expressed by the following relationship: the total contents of FeO and MnO is les than or equal to 3.5 percent and the performance index of converter slag (in percentage by weight) is the weight ratio of CaO to (SiO2.Al2O3) being 0.4-0.5. The invention has the advantages that the sulfur content in the steel is desorbed from 90ppm-110ppm to within 60ppm by using a slag-washing control process, the desulfurization rate for slag washing can reach 30-45.45 percent and the sulfur content of end steel in an LF converter is reduced; the invention creates favorable preconditions for rapid deep desulfurization and relieves the pressure of the refining station; and in addition, the method has simple operation and is convenient to achieve the requirement of scale production.
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