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Cervix monitoring system and related devices and methods

The present invention is directed to a minimally invasive system and method for monitoring changes in a cervix opening during labor, including changes in its diameter. The system having a probe and a monitoring unit serve to monitor periodically the cervix opening during labor and obtain measurements of the diameter of the cervix opening. The probe primarily includes a camera for imaging the cervix opening, a lens to provide an optimal field of view for the camera at close range to the cervix opening, a light source to illuminate the cervix and a balloon to expand the vagina around the probe and position the probe to allow unobstructed imaging of the cervix. The monitoring unit which controls the probe to acquire images of the cervix and receives and processes image data from the probe includes a processor which uses image segmentation techniques to identify and measure the opening of the cervix and generates data signals. The monitoring unit also includes an image display which displays information based on the data signals for viewing by health care providers and/or the patient, including graphic images of the cervix opening and other text information relating to the cervix opening as an indicator of the progress of labor. In one embodiment, the processor implements segmentation techniques and/or blob analysis algorithms to analyze the images of the cervix to identify the opening and measure its diameter. Other algorithms may also be implemented to correct for any spatial distortion, particularly barrel distortion.

Preparation method and application for amphoteric polycarboxylate water reducer containing anions and cations

ActiveCN103992442AImprove liquidityUnique Dispersion CapabilitiesCement particleCarboxylate
The invention discloses a preparation method and application for an amphoteric polycarboxylate water reducer containing anions and cations. The method is designed through a high-molecular structure, and the quaternary-ammonium-salt type carboxylate water reducer terminated with a cation is synthesized by performing modification on allyl polyethenoxy ether. According to the synthesized water reducer, anionic charges and cationic charges are both introduced into the molecular structure of the water reducer, when the water reducer is added into cement slurry, anionic charges at the main chain are adsorbed on the surface of cement particles with positive charges, and the anionic charges at the terminals of side chains are adsorbed on the surface of cement particles with negative charges, so that cement particles are dispersed. Cations are capable of inhibiting expansion of soil, so that adsorption of soil to additives is reduced. Because of the unique amphoteric structure of the water reducer, the water reducer possesses unique dispersing capability, high water reducing rate, good slump maintenance property and excellent performances. Also, the invention provides the amphoteric polycarboxylate water reducer prepared by employing the method, and application of the water reducer to concrete.

Oil displacement method by injecting indigenous microorganism into sewage

The invention relates to an indigenous microorganism flooding method by injecting sewage for improving oil recovery. The well is selected, where the number of microorganism is not lower than 10-103 /mL; the methanogenic rate and the sulfate reduction rate satisfy demands of the lowest value of 0.2-3 mu gCH4/L .D and the highest value of 15-20 mugCH4/L .D; the temperature of sewage jetting oil reservoir with sulfate reduction bacteria, whose highest value is 103 /mL, is less than 30-75DEG C; water salinity in oil reservoir is less than 50000mg/L; the content of hydrogen sulfide in water of oil reservoir is less than 50mg/L in returned water of injecting water well and generated fluid in oil well. The concentration of nitrogen and phosphor in mixed air jetted in the injecting water well in period is 0.45-1. 40% nutrient solution. The concentration of dissolved oxygen added in sewage can achieve 2. 5-3. 5mg/L by fall oxygen method. Fermented fountainhead bacteria and the medium are supplied and the cell gross is improved. The carbon source is the crude oil under the ground or collected on the earth. Various microorganisms into oil reservoir by water injecting for a long time and applying the circumstance of oil reservoir are made use of to avoid the adaptable problem of microorganism and oil reservoir. The practical result shows it is the flooding technology, which can improve oil recovery and is provided with economy, effectivity and simple operation.

Mold heating and cooling rod and mold capable of realizing rapid cooling and rapid heating

InactiveCN101698320AGood heat insulationImprove liquidityThermal insulationInjection pressure
The invention relates to a mold heating and cooling rod which comprises a heating and cooling rod body and a heating element, a cooling thermal insulation hole for introducing a cooling medium when a mold needs to be cooled and discharging the cooling medium when the mold needs to be heated and a heating element accommodating hole are arranged in the heating and cooling rod body along the axial direction, and the heating element is mounted in the heating element accommodating hole; the mold capable of realizing rapid cooling and rapid heating comprises a mold core and the heating and cooling rod, and the heating and cooling rod is in contact with the mold core; and one side of the heating and cooling rod which is provided with the heating element is near to a molding surface of the mold core. The advantages are that, as the molding surface can be rapidly and evenly heated and cooled and rapidly heated to the temperature which is near to or equal to that of melting materials, a molded product has the advantages of good quality, difficult production of weld marks, flow marks, surface bubbles and the like, even color and luster, even density of the product, small shrinkage and ability of reducing the injection pressure and the product deformation caused by residual stress after consolidating and molding the molten materials.

System for purifying eutrophic water employing artificial flow aeration coupled to biological film floating bed

The invention discloses a system for purifying eutrophic water employing artificial flow aeration coupled to a biological film floating bed. The system comprises biofilm colonization, a floating bed, and artificial flow aeration, wherein a biofilm colonization carrier is a soft fiber filler, and is combined with the floating bed to form a biological film floating bed unit; the artificial flow aeration is that a plurality of push flow aerators arranged below the biological film floating bed unit are started towards the same direction to form circulating flow water, and supply oxygen to the water. The system adopts a plurality of biological film floating bed units, which are fixed by an anchor stake, connected by a connecting rod, and arranged in an oval shape; a guide wall is arranged in the middle; the push flow aerators are arranged below the floating bed. Compared with the common biological film floating bed, the artificial flow aeration is increased, the water mobility is enhanced, an independent aeration system does not need to be arranged, the removal efficiency of pollutants are high, the water eutrophication degree can be effectively relieved, and the operation mode can be regulated and controlled according to the dynamic change of water temperature and water quality, and the system is more stable, efficient and energy-saving in operation.
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