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Pulverulent polymers crosslinked on the surface

The present invention relates to a pulverulent polymer post-crosslinked on the surface and absorbing water or aqueous liquids, synthesised from polymerised, optionally pre-crosslinked monomers containing partially neutralised carboxyl groups. The present invention also relates to a process for the post-treatment of the aforementioned polymers and the use of a solution of at least one salt of an at least trivalent cation for restoring the gel permeability of the aforementioned polymers that have been damaged by mechanical action.

Water absorbent resin composition and production method thereof

The water absorbent resin composition and the production method thereof according to the present invention are characterized by including: water absorbent resin particles having an internal cross-linked structure obtained by polymerizing a water-soluble unsaturated monomer; a nitrogenous ketone compound (A) (containing no carboxyl group) having a structure represented by formula (1); and a bivalent and/or trivalent and/or tetravalent water-soluble metal salt, wherein a total amount of the nitrogenous ketone compound (A) and the bivalent and/or trivalent and/or tetravalent water-soluble metal salt ranges from 0.01 to 100 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the water absorbent resin particles, thereby providing a water absorbent resin composition, having an excellent absorption capacity represented by a centrifuge retention capacity (CRC), an absorbency against pressure of 4.83 kPa (AAP) etc., having excellent liquid permeability and liquid diffusion properties, having excellent fluidity at the time of moisture absorption, having an excellent damage resistance property, effectively suppressing occurrence of dusts, hardly bringing about permeation of added metal compounds into water absorbent resin particles, hardly bringing about segregation of added metal compounds.

Percutaneously introduced blood pump and related methods

InactiveUS20060155158A1Volume of ventricle be reduceDecrease loadPump componentsControl devicesHemolysisThrombus
The present invention involves a blood pump having a pump housing with an internally disposed rotor that collectively provide a dual inflow capability which prevents thrombus formation and reduces hemolysis during use.

Semiaromatic polyamide molding compositions and their use

A polyamide molding composition with the following constitution is described:(A) from 30 to 100% by weight of at least one 10T / 6T copolyamide, where this is composed of(A1) from 40 to 95 mol % of 10T units, formed from the monomers 1,10-decanediamine and terephthalic acid(A2) from 5 to 60 mol % of 6T units, formed from the monomers 1,6-hexanediamine and terephthalic acid(B) from 0 to 70% by weight of reinforcing materials and / or fillers(C) from 0 to 50% by weight of additives and / or further polymerswhere the entirety of components A to C is 100%, with the proviso that in component (A) up to 30 mol %, based on the entirety of the dicarboxylic acids, of the terephthalic acid can have been replaced by other aromatic, aliphatic, or cycloaliphatic dicarboxylic acids, and with the proviso that in component (A) up to 30 mol % of 1,10-decanediamine and respectively 1,6-hexanediamine, based on the entirety of the diamines, can have been replaced by other diamines, and with the proviso that not more than 30 mol % in component (A), based on the entirety of the monomers, can have been formed via lactams or amino acids. Uses of this polyamide molding composition are moreover described, as also are processes for the preparation of these polyamide molding compositions.

Cervix monitoring system and related devices and methods

The present invention is directed to a minimally invasive system and method for monitoring changes in a cervix opening during labor, including changes in its diameter. The system having a probe and a monitoring unit serve to monitor periodically the cervix opening during labor and obtain measurements of the diameter of the cervix opening. The probe primarily includes a camera for imaging the cervix opening, a lens to provide an optimal field of view for the camera at close range to the cervix opening, a light source to illuminate the cervix and a balloon to expand the vagina around the probe and position the probe to allow unobstructed imaging of the cervix. The monitoring unit which controls the probe to acquire images of the cervix and receives and processes image data from the probe includes a processor which uses image segmentation techniques to identify and measure the opening of the cervix and generates data signals. The monitoring unit also includes an image display which displays information based on the data signals for viewing by health care providers and / or the patient, including graphic images of the cervix opening and other text information relating to the cervix opening as an indicator of the progress of labor. In one embodiment, the processor implements segmentation techniques and / or blob analysis algorithms to analyze the images of the cervix to identify the opening and measure its diameter. Other algorithms may also be implemented to correct for any spatial distortion, particularly barrel distortion.

Method of and system for mitigating risk associated with settling of foreign exchange and other payments-based transactions

InactiveUS20020152156A1Improve liquidityFacilitates broad range of communicationFinanceBilling/invoicingPrivate communicationThird party
A real-time, global system and method for controlling payments risk, liquidity risk and systemic risk arising between financial counterparties active in payments-based transactions. The system comprises: a plurality of User Host Applications for use by plurality of Users; a plurality of Third Party Host Applications for use by plurality of Third Parties; and a plurality of Payment Bank Host Applications for use by a plurality of Payment Banks operating a plurality of domestic payment systems. All host applications communicate via cryptographically secure sessions via private communications networks and/or the Internet global computer network. User and Payment Bank access is secured by digital certification. Each Payment Bank Host Application has a mechanism for processing payment messages, including payments instructions to be carried out in its domestic payments system on behalf of a plurality of account holders (including bank correspondents). In addition, each Payment Bank Host Application includes a filter process module for processing payments instructions, prior to being carried out by the domestic payment system. In the event of a counterparty payment failure or insolvency, the Filter Process Module enables instantaneous, automated suspension of all further payments to the counterparty in a multiplicity of chosen currencies on instruction from a Third Party, User or Payment Bank. The filter process module can also be instructed to override risk control parameters to enable payments to proceed regardless for identified transactions, counterparties or intermediaries. All applications improve the availability and timeliness of payments information. The reduction in payments risk and liquidity risk to predetermined tolerances reduces the likelihood of contingent defaults in the event of payment failure due to bank insolvency or other unforeseen event, and thereby reduces systemic risk to the global financial system.
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