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Robust adaptive model predictive controller with tuning to compensate for model mismatch

An MPC adaptation and tuning technique integrates feedback control performance better than methods commonly used today in MPC type controllers, resulting in an MPC adaptation/tuning technique that performs better than traditional MPC techniques in the presence of process model mismatch. The MPC controller performance is enhanced by adding a controller adaptation/tuning unit to an MPC controller, which adaptation/tuning unit implements an optimization routine to determine the best or most optimal set of controller design and/or tuning parameters to use within the MPC controller during on-line process control in the presence of a specific amount of model mismatch or a range of model mismatch. The adaptation/tuning unit determines one or more MPC controller tuning and design parameters, including for example, an MPC form, penalty factors for either or both of an MPC controller and an observer and a controller model for use in the MPC controller, based on a previously determined process model and either a known or an expected process model mismatch or process model mismatch range. A closed loop adaptation cycle may be implemented by performing an autocorrelation analysis on the prediction error or the control error to determine when significant process model mismatch exists or to determine an increase or a decrease in process model mismatch over time.

Use of downhole high pressure gas in a gas-lift well and associated methods

A gas-lift petroleum well and method for producing petroleum products using downhole pressurized gas to provide lift. The gas-lift well having a well casing, a production tubing, a packer, and a gas-lift valve. The well casing extends within a wellbore of the well, and the wellbore extends through oil and gas zones. The production tubing extends within the casing. The tubing having an opening formed therein, which is in fluid communication with an oil zone. The packer is located downhole in the casing and coupled to the tubing. The packer can have an electrically controllable packer valve, which is adapted to control a flow of downhole pressurized gas from one side of the packer to another. The downhole pressurized gas is provided by a gas zone that the wellbore passes through. The downhole gas-lift valve is coupled to the tubing and is adapted to control a flow of downhole pressurized gas into oil in the tubing for lifting the oil. The gas-lift valve can be an electrically controllable valve. The tubing and casing are used as electrical conductors for supplying power and/or communications downhole. The current in the tubing is routed using a ferromagnetic induction choke to create a voltage potential, which provides electrical power to downhole electrical devices. Also, there may be a bypass passageway to route downhole gas to gas-lift valves. There may also be downhole sensors to measure physical quantities (e.g., pressure). Such measurements can be used for feedback control of downhole electrically controllable valves.

Monitoring and control system for blood processing

The invention relates generally to methods of monitoring and controlling the processing of blood and blood samples, particularly the separation of blood and blood samples into its components. In one aspect, the invention relates to optical methods, devices and device components for measuring two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both from a separation chamber of a density centrifuge. In embodiment, two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both measured by the methods of the present invention comprise images of a separation chamber or component thereof, such as an optical cell of a separation chamber. In another aspect, the present invention relates to multifunctional monitoring and control systems for blood processing, particularly blood processing via density centrifugation. Feedback control systems are provided wherein two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both are measured, processed in real time and are used as the basis of output signals for controlling blood processing. In another aspect, optical cells and methods of using optical cells for monitoring and control blood processing are provided.
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