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Encoded information reading terminal with micro-electromechanical radio frequency front end

An encoded information reading (EIR) terminal can comprise a microprocessor electrically coupled to a system / data bus, a memory communicatively coupled to the microprocessor, an EIR device, a multi-band antenna, and a wireless communication interface. The EIR device can be provided by a bar code reading device, an RFID reading device, or a card reading device. The EIR device can be configured to output raw message data containing an encoded message and / or output decoded message data corresponding to an encoded message. The wireless communication interface can comprise a radio frequency (RF) front end electrically coupled to the multi-band antenna. The RF front end can comprise a micro-electromechanical (MEMS) filter array including one or more band-pass filter. Each band-pass filter of the MEMS filter array can be electrically coupled to a bias voltage source or an oscillating signal source. The RF front end can be electrically coupled to an analog-to-digital (A / D) converter and / or to a digital-to-analog (D / A) converter. The wireless communication interface can be configured to transmit radio signals in two or more frequency regulatory domains and / or receive radio signals in two or more frequency regulatory domains. The multi-band antenna can in one embodiment be provided by a meta-material antenna.

System and method for locating and communicating with personnel and equipment in a facility

This invention provides a system and method for identifying, locating, authorizing by proximity and communicating with equipment and personnel in a facility that generally employs a series of limited range transceivers for location determination and a distributed wireless data network for data transfer. The system employs unique RF transceiver tags on personnel and equipment that are each uniquely identified and registered with a facility control application that oversees activities in the facility. The tags are tracked by RF communication based upon their proximity to one or more fixed-base networked access points and relays (which transfer location data by RF back to access points) within four range zones. Location data on all tags is uploaded periodically to a location server that interfaces with the facility control server. Tag data is monitored by the facility control server to track, authorize and deauthorize certain data transfers, movements and activities in accordance with rules established for each tag (or type of tag) within the facility control server's application. Wireless networking (WiFi, for example), in combination with the RF-derived location information, allows the facility control server to correlate and transmit data to staff in conjunction with location and proximity. WiFi can transmit authorizations, deauthorizations and general data based upon triggers established by proximity and location. Likewise, data can be transmitted over WiFi from readers etc. from personnel and equipment located and identified by the system.
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