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Mobile terminal, direct charging power adapter and charging method

The invention discloses a mobile terminal, a direct charging power adapter and a charging method. The method comprises the steps: the mobile terminal detects the short circuit condition of two communication pins in the USB interface of the mobile terminal, when the mobile terminal is inserted by an external equipment which is the power adapter, the mobile terminal can automatically identify the type of the external connected charging equipment by adopting the power adapter communication; at the same time, a special express charge mode is designed for the direct charging power adapter, when a battery of the mobile terminal is concentratedly charged, the battery is directly charged with heavy current by using the charging voltage outputted by the direct charging power adapter, and the volt value of the charging voltage can be dynamically adjusted according to the variation of the voltage of the battery. According to the above, on the premise that the safety of the battery charge is guaranteed, the great increase of the battery charging speed is realized, the required time of single charging of the mobile terminal is shortened, the influences on daily use of user caused by the repeatedly and long time charging of the mobile terminal is reduced, and the user satisfaction is greatly improved.

Heating atomization electronic cigarette using capacitances to supply power

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The invention provides a heating atomization electronic cigarette using capacitances to supply power, which comprises a power supply part, a cigarette body part and a hollow cigarette holder part, wherein the power supply part comprises an indicator light, a pair of electrode connection-pegs and a lead connection-peg, the indicator light is arranged at the back end of a power supply, and the electrode connection-pegs and the lead connection-peg are arranged at the front end of the power supply; the cigarette body part comprises a pair of electrode plug interfaces, a lead plug interface, a control circuit module, a heating atomization device, a liquid suction head and a nicotine reservoir, the electrode plug interfaces and the lead plug interface are arranged at the back end of a hollow cigarette stem, and the control circuit module, the heating atomization device, the liquid suction head and the nicotine reservoir are sequentially arranged in the hollow cavity of the hollow cigarette stem; a sponge body is arranged in the nicotine reservoir, and a liquid inlet is arranged on the wall of the nicotine reservoir; the two ends of the liquid suction head are respectively contacted and connected with the heating atomization device and the sponge body, and the power supply part and the cigarette body part can be separated or connected by the electrode connection-pegs, the lead connection-peg, the electrode plug interfaces and the lead plug interface in a plug-in way; and the front end of the cigarette body is in plug-in or threaded connection with the back end of the hollow cigarette holder, and the power supply, the indicator light, the control circuit module and the heating atomization device are sequentially and electrically connected.
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