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Monitoring and control system for blood processing

The invention relates generally to methods of monitoring and controlling the processing of blood and blood samples, particularly the separation of blood and blood samples into its components. In one aspect, the invention relates to optical methods, devices and device components for measuring two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both from a separation chamber of a density centrifuge. In embodiment, two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both measured by the methods of the present invention comprise images of a separation chamber or component thereof, such as an optical cell of a separation chamber. In another aspect, the present invention relates to multifunctional monitoring and control systems for blood processing, particularly blood processing via density centrifugation. Feedback control systems are provided wherein two-dimensional distributions of transmitted light intensities, scattered light intensities or both are measured, processed in real time and are used as the basis of output signals for controlling blood processing. In another aspect, optical cells and methods of using optical cells for monitoring and control blood processing are provided.

Flotation apparatus for clarifying produced water

InactiveUS6337023B1Fast oil separationWiden meansLiquid separation auxillary apparatusSettling tanks feed/dischargeDissolved gas flotationEngineering
A dissolved gas flotation apparatus and process for removing oils and other contaminants from produced water generated in the production of crude petroleum and natural gas. The invention is particularly designed for offshore applications, where space is limited and natural gas is readily available. The invention includes a vessel for receiving and maintaining a liquid level therein and a circulating pump for introducing tiny flotation gas bubbles into the vessel. Natural gas is used as a blanket gas for the vessel and as a source of gas fed into the pump, wherein the gas is mixed with the pumped liquid. The liquid/gas mixture is transferred into the vessel, wherein the gas releases from the liquid, thereby forming tiny, finely dispersed gas bubbles. The tiny gas bubbles rise vertically through the vessel and attach themselves to the oil and other contaminants suspended in the liquid and buoyantly transport the oil and other contaminants to the top of the vessel, where the gas is released and either recycled back to the recirculating pump or transferred out of the vessel for further processing, and the oil and other contaminants are collected in a reservoir for recovery. The clarified water is removed from the vessel through a liquid outlet line located near the bottom of the vessel.
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