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Vacuum cleaner having a cyclone type dust collecting apparatus

A vacuum cleaner includes a cleaner body, a suction brush, through which air and contaminants are drawn in, and a cyclone type dust collecting device. The cleaner body has a motor driving chamber and a dust collecting chamber in communication with the motor driving chamber. The cyclone type dust collecting device is mounted in the dust collecting chamber and separates by centrifugal force the contaminants from the air. The cyclone type dust collecting device includes a hollow cylindrical cyclone body having an open top, a closed bottom, and a contaminant outlet. The open top allows air and contaminants into the cyclone body, where the contaminants are separated from the air by centrifugation. The contaminants are then discharged from the cyclone body through the contaminant outlet. The cyclone type dust collecting device further includes a contaminant receptacle for collecting the contaminants discharged through the contaminant outlet, a base member hingedly connected to the contaminant receptacle, and a cover for covering the top of the cyclone body. The cover has an air inlet passage, through which air and contaminants drawn in through the suction brush enter into the cyclone body, an air outlet passage, through which the air is discharged from the cyclone body, and a contaminant separating grill. The grill extends downward from the air outlet passage into the cyclone body and has a plurality of fine holes.

Dust and dirt collecting unit for vacuum cleaner

InactiveUS7160346B2Preventing mesh clogging of filterCleaning filter meansCombination devicesForeign matterEngineering
The present invention relates to a dust and dirt collecting unit for a vacuum cleaner capable of simultaneously performing a primary cyclonic dust collection and a secondary filter dust collection. According to the present invention, there is provided a dust and dirt collecting unit for a vacuum cleaner, which is mounted to one side of a main body of the vacuum cleaner to filter sucked air containing foreign substances. The dust and dirt collecting unit of the present invention comprises a dust casing which has an inlet formed in a direction tangential thereto for introducing the air containing the foreign substances thereinto and of which a top portion is open; a cover which is used to open and close the top portion of the dust casing and is provided at the center thereof with an outlet for discharging air from which the foreign substances have been filtered out; a filter assembly which is installed at a bottom surface of the cover corresponding to the outlet and includes a cylindrical filter of which the interior communicates with the outlet; a protective cylindrical body which is formed to wrap around an outer periphery of the filter assembly and installed below the cover so that the interior thereof can communicate with the exterior thereof through a plurality of vent holes formed at a lower portion thereof; and a separating plate which is coupled with the bottom of the filter assembly and extends radially to be spaced apart from an inner circumferential surface of the dust casing by a predetermined gap.
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