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Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. It evolved from the earlier RADIUS protocol. It belongs to the application layer protocols in the internet protocol suite.

System and Method for Developing Diameter Applications

A system and method for developing Diameter applications are provided. The system and method extend the application server servlet model to support Diameter applications. A “base protocol” servlet is provided that handles the basic Diameter protocol functionality. Base application servlets are provided for each Diameter interface (for example, an “Sh” base servlet for the IMS “Sh” interface). These servlets are base classes for application code. The base application servlets implement additional semantics on top of the base protocol servlet to support additional attribute-value pair semantics. With the system and method, Diameter servlets share the same ServletContext as HTTP and SIP servlets. This mechanism facilitates communication between the various application entities and facilitates generation of converged applications.

Data synchronization method and system between disaster tolerance home user servers

InactiveCN101079742ASave separate communication linesImprove compatibilityData switching networksDiameterDiameter protocol
The invention discloses a data synchronizing method and system of hazard-containing imputed user server HSS, which comprises the following parts: main HSS, prepared HSS, relative net element IMS system of main HSS and the prepared HSS. The method comprises the following steps: the relative net element transmits standard interface request information to the main HSS through Diameter protocol, which requires modifying the reserved user data of main HSS to modify the local user data through standard interface request information, which transmits the standard interface request information to the prepared HSS through Diameter protocol; the prepared HSS modifies the local user data according to the standard interface request information. The invention has good compatibility, simple elementary and convenient realization, which is fit for HSS hazard-containing duplication of different manufacturers.

Method, device and system for routing diagnosis in network based on diameter protocol

InactiveCN101247321ADiagnostics are fast and intuitiveData switching networksDiameterSelf-diagnosis
The invention relates to a method, a system and device for diagnosing network routing based on a diameter protocol. The method includes the steps as following: a source Diameter node constructs a diagnosis message according to a diagnosis parameter, then the diagnosis message is transmitted, a middle Diameter node receives the diagnosis message and adds in self-diagnosis information to the diagnosis message and then the diagnosis message is still forwarded, until the diagnosis message is arrived to a Diameter protocol server for processing the diagnosis message and a diameter node which can not forward the diagnosis message; the Diameter protocol server for processing the diagnosis message or the diameter node which can not forward the diagnosis message constructs a response message for the diagnosis message, and the self-diagnosis information, and information and a response category in the diagnosis and are carried and transmitted, the middle Diameter node received the response message and adds in the self-diagnosis information to the response message and then the response message is still forwarded, until the response message is arrived to the resource Diameter node, and the resource Diameter node resolves the response message and obtains related routing information.

A method and system for transmitting multicast information and authorized multicast service

The embodiment of the invention discloses a method for transmitting multicast messages. The method comprises the following steps that: in a Diameter protocol, multicast message attribute value pairs are set; a Diameter server or a Diameter client end determines a multicast message attribute value pair corresponding to a session according to the requirement of the session, and a multicast message of the session is transmitted through a Diameter message carried with an appointed multicast message attribute value pair. The method can realize the transmission of the multicast message between entities which support the Diameter protocol. The embodiment of the invention also discloses a method for authorizing multicast services, and the method can realize the authorization of multicast services between peer ends supporting the Diameter protocol based on the set multicast message attribute value pair. The embodiment of the invention also discloses a system for transmitting multicast messages and a system for authorizing multicast services.

System and method for implementing integral managing user data of fixed telephone network

This invention relates to a system and a method for realizing centralized management to user data of a fixed phone net, in which, the system is to introduce a user centralized database HLR in a soft switch network to store and manage the user data of fully fixed phone net in concentration then utilizes the character of strong process ability of the soft switch and widely cover sphere to form a new fixed phone net structure, the HLR+SS overlapping network. This invention also provides a method for enlarging criterion access HLR enquiring user data by a soft switch device SS with the MAP or Diameter protocol as the basis to further trigger user related services and play a foundation for realizing separation of machine and number, opened system and multi-kind of intelligent service trigger mode and development of fixed net new service.

End-to-end quality of service dynamic management system and method under heterogeneous network interconnecting scene

ActiveCN101478470ARealize interactive service quality informationImprove resource utilizationNetworks interconnectionQuality of serviceHeterogeneous network
The invention relates to a system for dynamic management of end-to-end quality of service (QoS) under interconnection of heterogeneous networks and a method thereof. The system comprises a public core network and at least two underlay networks. A strategy decision-making device is arranged in the public core network, a strategy executing device is arranged in each underlay network, and the strategy decision-making device is connected with the strategy executing devices via a Diameter protocol. Interaction of QoS information between the strategy decision-making device and the strategy executing devices is realized by defining an underlay construction process and an underlay message deletion process; and the strategy executing devices map the QoS information as the QoS parameters for a local underlay for executing the resource reservation and gate control functions of the local underlay. The core network can make a QoS strategy based on subscriber information and a subscriber's service resource request and then accurately transmit the QoS strategy to different stages of underlay network media streams in time to form links, so as to realize QoS control on different stages of underlay links, respectively, thereby improving the guarantee capacity of the subscriber and the network on the QoS.

Compatible method and system for mobile IP application based on RADIUS and DIAMETER protocol

The invention discloses a compatible method and a compatible system for the application of mobile IP based on a RADIUS protocol and a DIAMETER protocol. The method comprises the following steps of communication between a mobile node and an access server; communication between the access server and a translation agent server, wherein the translation agent server carries out mutual translation for message formats of the RADIUS protocol and the DIAMETER protocol; and communication between the translation agent server and a certificate server, wherein one of the access server and the certificate server runs the RADIUS protocol, while the other one of the access server and the certificate server runs the DIAMETER protocol. The method and the system not only can ensure that network entities running different AAA protocols work coordinately, but also ensure the combination of a register flow and a certificate flow of a network entity based on the RADIUS protocol because the register flow adopts the application of the mobile IP based on the DIAMETER protocol, thereby improving efficiency.

Method for charging session contents

The invention relates to a method for charging IMS (Internet protocol multimedia subsystem) peer-to-peer session contents. The method comprises the following steps of expanding an AVP (accounting value pair) structure for expressing IMS peer-to-peer session service charging information in a Diameter protocol charging message structure, wherein the AVP structure comprises a signaling type identification field, a virtual signaling packet identification filed, a charging stage identification field and a media traffic table identification field; in a session process, recording the charging information of a user through the AVP structure and transmitting the charging information of the user to a charging function entity network element by using a charging information acquisition network element; performing charging data recording, association and sorting according to the AVP structure by using the charging function entity network element, thereby realizing charging. According to the method, not only is the problem of incapability of distinguishing signaling types and virtual logic network elements during the session charging of an IMS peer-to-peer session service solved, but also the problem of incapability of charging session media traffic and media quality in case of media type transcoding and media switching services in the session process is solved.
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