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Implicit authentication

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method and system for implicitly authenticating a user to access controlled resources. The system receives a request to access the controlled resources. The system then determines a user behavior score based on a user behavior model, and recent contextual data about the user. The user behavior score facilitates identifying a level of consistency between one or more recent user events and a past user behavior pattern. The recent contextual data, which comprise a plurality of data streams, are collected from one or more user devices without prompting the user to perform an action explicitly associated with authentication. The plurality of data streams provide basis for determining the user behavior score, but a data stream alone provides insufficient basis for the determination of the user behavior score. The system also provides the user behavior score to an access controller of the controlled resource.

Systems and methods for mobile application security classification and enforcement

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for mobile application security classification and enforcement. In particular, the present invention includes a method, a mobile device, and a distributed security system (e.g., a “cloud”) that is utilized to enforce security on mobile devices communicatively coupled to external networks (i.e., the Internet). Advantageously, the present invention is platform independent allowing it to operate with any current or emerging mobile device. Specifically, preventing malicious applications from running on an end user's mobile device is challenging with potentially millions of applications and billions of user devices; the only effective way to enforce application security is through the network that applications use to communicate.
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