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In computing, a network interface is a software or hardware interface between two pieces of equipment or protocol layers in a computer network. A network interface will usually have some form of network address. This may consist of a node identifier and a port number or may be a unique node ID in its own right.

Secure sockets layer proxy architecture

A method for secure communications between a client and one of a plurality of servers performed on an intermediary device coupled to the client and said plurality of servers. In one aspect, the method comprises: establishing an open communications session between the intermediary device and the client via an open network; negotiating a secure communications session with the client; establishing an open communications session with said one of said plurality of servers via a secure network; receiving encrypted data from the client via the secure communications session; decrypting encrypted application data; forwarding decrypted application data to the server via the secure network; receiving application data from the server via the secure network; encrypting the application data; and sending encrypted application data to the client. In a further aspect, an apparatus including a network interface communicating with the public network and the secure network at least one processor, programmable dynamic memory addressable by the processor, and a communications channel coupling the processor, memory and the network communications interface is provided. The apparatus further includes a proxy TCP communications engine, a proxy SSL communications engine, a server TCP communications engine; and a packet data encryption and decryption engine.

System and method for using product identifiers

A novel method for using product identifiers includes capturing a product identifier identifying a product, selecting one of a plurality of queries, transmitting the product identifier and the selected query to a data provider, and receiving a response to the selected query from the data provider. The method is performed on a personal data device (e.g., a camera phone, PDA, tablet PC et.), which includes a network interface, a scanner operative to capture the product identifier, a user interface operative to receive the query selection, and an application program interface operative to associate the product identifier and the selected query, transmit the product identifier and the selected query to the data provider via the network interface, and to receive the response to the identifier and query from the data provider via the network interface. A method for the data providers to use the product identifiers is also disclosed, and includes receiving a request from a consumer including a unique product identifier and data indicative of the type of information requested, retrieving the type of requested information associated with the particular product from a database, and transmitting the retrieved information to the consumer. The data provider includes a database associating the product identifiers with information corresponding thereto, and means for the providing the associated information to the requesting consumer.
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