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Automatic toilet flushing system

An automatic toilet flushing system for use with toilets in either commercial or private dwellings and which comprises a replaceable water tank top or tank lid carrying the major components of the automatic toilet flushing system. In this case, the toilet flushing system is an adaptive system, since it converts a conventional toilet into an automatic flushing toilet. The adaptive system also comprises a pair of infrared light sources and sensors located on forwardly protruding portions of the tank lid. The sensors are located forwardly of the water tank or water chest of the toilet and the timing is adjusted so that raising and lowering of the lid of the toilet seat will not interfere with operation of the sensors. A control circuit is also provided and mounted on the underside of the replaceable water tank cover plate. The circuit is connected to the sensors and operated by batteries so that when a light beam is interrupted for at least a predetermined time period, the control circuit will automatically initiate a flushing operation. The circuit initiates a flushing signal to a solenoid which shifts a connecting rod and which, in turn, is connected to a flapper valve at the lower end of the water chest. Thus, when the light beam is interrupted for the predetermined time period, the control circuit causes the solenoid to operate the rod which opens the flapper valve and thereby causes a flushing operation of the toilet.

Optical sensors and algorithms for controlling automatic bathroom flushers and faucets

The present invention is directed to novel optical sensors and novel methods for sensing optical radiation that can be used to control the operation of automatic faucets and flushers. The novel sensors and flow controllers require only small amounts of electrical power for sensing users of bathroom facilities, enabling battery operation for many years. An electronic system for controlling fluid flow may include an electromagnetic actuator, a controller and an optical sensor. Preferred embodiments include a control circuit constructed to sample periodically the detector based on the amount of light detected; a control circuit constructed to adjust a sample period based on the detected amount of light after determining whether a facility is in use; a detector optically coupled to the input port using an optical fiber; the input port may be located in an aerator of the electronic faucet; the system includes batteries for powering the electronic faucet. These embodiments may also include a variety of other features. A passive optical sensor includes a light detector sensitive to ambient (room) light for controlling the operation of automatic faucets or automatic bathroom flushers. An active optical sensor includes a light emitter and a light detector. The detected signals may be processed using novel algorithms
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