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Controlled-orientation films and nanocomposites including nanotubes or other nanostructures

ActiveUS20100196695A1reduce distance
Generally, the present invention provides methods for the production of materials comprising a plurality of nanostructures such as nanotubes (e.g., carbon nanotubes) and related articles. The plurality of nanostructures may be provided such that their long axes are substantially aligned and, in some cases, continuous from end to end of the sample. For example, in some cases, the nanostructures may be fabricated by uniformly growing the nanostructures on the surface of a substrate, such that the long axes are aligned and non-parallel to the substrate surface. The nanostructures may be, in some instances, substantially perpendicular to the substrate surface. In one set of embodiments, a force with a component normal to the long axes of the nanostructures may be applied to the substantially aligned nanostructures. The application of a force may result in a material comprising a relatively high volume fraction or mass density of nanostructures. In some instances, the application of a force may result in a material comprising relatively closely-spaced nanostructures. The materials described herein may be further processed for use in various applications, such as composite materials (e.g., nanocomposites). For example, a set of aligned nanostructures may be formed, and, after the application of a force, transferred, either in bulk or to another surface, and combined with another material (e.g., to form a nanocomposite) to enhance the properties of the material.

Gas burner

ActiveCN103423745Areduce distanceless curves
The invention discloses a gas burner which comprises an ejector tube assembly, a burner base, an outer ring burner body and an inner ring burner body. The ejector tube assembly comprises auxiliary gas pipe connectors, auxiliary nozzles, auxiliary ejector tubes, first main gas pipe connectors, first main nozzles, first main ejector tubes, second main gas pipe connectors, second main nozzles and second main ejector tubes. The auxiliary gas pipe connectors, the auxiliary nozzles and the auxiliary ejector tubes are communicated with gas pipes, each auxiliary gas pipe connector, each auxiliary nozzle and each auxiliary ejector tube are sequentially communicated with one another, and the auxiliary ejector tubes are further communicated with a primary air inlet. The first main gas pipe connectors, the first main nozzles and the first main ejector tubes are communicated with the gas pipes, each first main gas pipe connector, each first main nozzle and each first main ejector tube are sequentially communicated with one another, and the first main ejector tubes are further communicated with a first main primary air inlet. Each second main gas pipe connector, each second main nozzle and each second main ejector tube are sequentially communicated with one another, the second main ejector tubes are further communicated with a second main primary air inlet, and the second main gas pipe connectors are communicated with the first main gas pipe connectors through main gas ducts and branch gas ducts. The outer ring burner body comprises an outer ring base and an outer ring fire cover, and two symmetrical gas mixing chambers are formed. The gas burner has the advantages of being reasonable in structure, small in airflow resistance, sufficient in combustion, high in thermal efficiency and little in discharged waste gas.

Film coating source, vacuum film coating device and film coating process thereof

InactiveCN101988185AExpand the evaporation areareduce distance
The invention provides a film coating source and a vacuum film coating device thereof which can carry out even evaporation on a base plate with a large area. The film coating source is provided with a container part, a heating device, an evaporation airflow adjusting part and an evaporation coating top plate, wherein the evaporation airflow adjusting part is in a porous layered structure and is used for controlling the direction and distribution of the evaporation airflow; and evenly distributed jet orifices are arranged on the evaporation coating top plate and used for jetting the evaporation airflow. By the airflow adjusting part of the porous layered structure, the invention furthest enlarges the evaporation coating area of the evaporation coating top plate, and enables the material to be deposited on the surface of the base plate as evenly as possible, thereby achieving the effect of evaporation with high evenness in a large area. When the invention is used for carrying out vacuum film coating of organic materials on an organic light-emitting diode (OLED), especially for carrying out film coating on the base plate with a larger area, a film coating layer with good pattern accuracy and even film thickness can be obtained, thereby ensuring even luminescent properties and color balance of the OLED.
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Unloading system of two-way feeding ore bin

The invention discloses an unloading system of a two-way feeding ore bin and aims to solve the problem that in the prior art, a two-way feeding ore bin is loose in structure. The unloading system of the two-way feeding ore bin comprises a belt type conveyor and two material distributing and unloading carts matched with the belt type conveyors; each material distributing and unloading cart comprises a cart frame and a material distributing device and a material unloading device which are opposite in direction; each material distributing device comprises a material distributing hopper, and each material distributing funnel comprises two unloading outlets and a material distributing plate arranged at the intersecting position of the two unloading outlets; each unloading device comprises an unloading funnel, the material distributing funnels are flush with the material unloading funnels, and a reversible belt type conveyor is arranged below the material distributing funnels and the material unloading funnels; the belt conveyor is matched with one material distributing device and one material unloading device, and the material distributing devices are arranged in front of the material unloading devices. The unloading system is compact in structure, good in production interchangeability, high in production safety, less in one-time investment and low in operation and maintenance cost.
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