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Tissue fastening systems and methods utilizing magnetic guidance

Catheter based systems and methods for securing tissue including the annulus of a mitral valve. The systems and methods employ catheter based techniques and devices to plicate tissue and perform an annuloplasty.

Intervertebral implant with elastically deformable wedge

An intervertebral implant comprising a spacer for engaging between two spinous processes of two vertebrae of the spine. The spacer has two elements each presenting a first part suitable for being connected to a spinous process and bearing second parts opposite from the first part, the bearing second parts being situated facing each other. An elastically-compressible member is disposed between the bearing second parts. Links are provided which are distinct from the elastically-compressible member for linking together the two elements, the link member being suitable for blocking translation movement of the two elements relative to each other when the two elements are driven apart from each other.

Surgical Stapling Device for Performing Circular Anastomoses

The present disclosure is directed to a surgical stapling device (10) for performing circular anastomoses. The surgical stapling device includes a handle portion (12), an elongated body portion (14) and a head portion (16) including an anvil assembly (30) and a shell assembly (31). The handle portion (12) includes a rotatable approximation knob (22) for approximating the anvil and shell assemblies (30,31) and a firing trigger (20) for actuating a firing mechanism for ejecting staples positioned within the shell assembly (31). The firing trigger (20) forms one link of a two bar linkage provided to actuate the firing mechanism. The anvil assembly (30) includes a tiltable anvil which will tilt automatically after firing of the device and unapproximating the anvil and shell assemblies (30,31). The head portion (16) also includes a retractable trocar assembly (240) which is slidably positioned within an anvil retainer (38) and is automatically advanced and retracted upon attachment and detachment of the anvil assembly (30) onto the anvil retainer (38). A lockout tube (270) is provided and is positioned about the anvil retainer (38) for releasably engaging an anvil assembly (30). The lockout tube (270) prevents inadvertent detachment of the anvil assembly (30) from the anvil retainer (38). The surgical stapling device (10) also includes a firing lockout assembly which prevents actuation of the firing trigger (20) until an anvil has been attached to the device and the anvil (129) has been approximated. A tactile indication mechanism is also provided for notifying a surgeon that the device has been fired and for notifying a surgeon that the anvil head has been unapproximated a distance sufficient to permit the anvil head to tilt.
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