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Ultra-lean dilution apparatus

An ultra-lean dilution apparatus is provided for proportioning minute quantities of a first fluid, such as a concentrated cleaning solution, for mixing into a second fluid, such as tap water, which provides improved performance and which can be manufactured by assembling several molded components with little or no machining. The dilution apparatus (20) provides a selective pressure drop in a conduit (22) by including a plurality of dilution disks (50a-50f), each dilution disk (50a-50f) having a tortuous path (52a-52f) of sufficient cross-sectional area to be resistant to clogging and having a sufficient number of sharp turns to create a desired pressure drop. While each disk (50a-50f) produces a predetermined drop, the serial configuration of the tortuous paths of the plurality of dilution disks is additive to produce a range of dilution suitable for the chemicals used. Advantageously, the tortuous path of a first of the plurality of dilution disks (50a) is recessed into a front face so that bringing the front face (54a) of the first dilution disk (50a) in contact with a back face (55b) of a second dilution disk (50b) completes the tortuous path (52a). Furthermore, a blind intake (58a) of the tortuous path (52a) of the first dilution disk (50a-50f) selectively communicates with an output port (56b) of another tortuous path (52b) on a front face (54b) the second dilution disk (50b).
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