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Servo system for instructing pan-tilt system of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by adopting head movement of operator

InactiveCN102043410AReduce the burden of hand operationeasy to operate
The invention provides a servo system for instructing a pan-tilt system of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by adopting head movement of an operator, belonging to the field of UAV control. The servo system is characterized in that the servo system comprises a head attitude sensor, a ground station, data radios, video radios and a UAV pan-tilt system capable of pitching and yawing, wherein the head attitude sensor is used for detecting the head movement of the operator; the ground station is used for computing the deflection command according to the head movement and sending the deflection command to the vehicle-mounted pan-tilt system via the data radios to ensure the vehicle-mounted pan-tilt system and a camera carried by the vehicle-mounted pan-tilt system to deflect towards the direction expected by the operator; the camera returns the shot videos to the ground station via the video radios and the ground station displays the shot videos in real time; and the operator corrects the deflection rate and direction of the vehicle-mounted pan-tilt system in real time according to the videos displayed by the ground station to ensure the camera to aim at the expected target all the time. By using the servo system, the operator can control deflection of the vehicle-mounted pan-tilt system by adopting the gut reaction of own head movement, and the servo system has the characteristics of being easy in operation and convenient use in and can obviously reduce the workload of the UAV operator.

Intelligent oil well simulation experiment system and working method

InactiveCN102022112Aeasy to operateFast and easy data collection and processing
The invention discloses an intelligent oil well simulation experiment system and a experiment method. The intelligent oil well simulation experiment system comprises a three-dimensional heterogenous reservoir simulating box, a wellbore hole simulator, a fluid injecting module, a fluid generating module, a data acquiring module, an automatic control module, a constant temperature module, a saturation probe, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. The wellbore hole simulator is arranged in the three-dimensional heterogenous reservoir simulating box, the automatic control modules realizes the real-time extraction and injection on the wellbore hole simulator through controlling the fluid injecting module and the fluid generating module; and the data acquiring module is used for monitoringinjected and extracted fluid, and monitoring the saturation, the temperature and the pressure in the simulating box in real time, and a computer is used for optimizing and analyzing the monitoring data, controlling the injection and extraction flow in real time through the automatic control module, simulating and realizing multilayer comingling production, sectional extraction of a horizontal well, extraction of a multi-branch well and control strategy of an injection and extracting well, and perfecting the researches of real-time optimization, real-time regulation and the like of the production.

Method and device for displaying application program interfaces

InactiveCN103455234Aeasy to operateIncreased Versatility and Reliability
The invention discloses a method and a device for displaying application program interfaces, and belongs to the field of computers. The method includes displaying a first window in a full screen and displaying a first application program interface on the first window; displaying a second window in an upper layer of the first window and displaying a second application program interface on the second window; constantly keeping the first window in a focus state when the first window and the second window are switched over. The method and the device have the advantages that the first window is displayed on the full screen, the second window is displayed on the upper layer of the first window, the different application program interfaces are respectively displayed on the two windows, and the first window constantly keeps in the focus state, so that the performance of the application program interface displayed on the first window can be kept under the condition that the application program interface is always in a focus state, the application program interface displayed on the second window still can be displayed above the first window in a non-focus state, and operation is facilitated; constraints such as interception are prevented owing to the mode for displaying the application program interfaces, so that the universality and the reliability can be improved.

Automatic insulator scrubbing device

InactiveCN103624019Areduce laboreasy to operate
The invention discloses an automatic insulator scrubbing device. The automatic insulator scrubbing device comprises a left cover and a right cover, wherein the left cover and the right cover are in fixed butt joint on the periphery of an insulator through connecting mechanisms, clamping parts in clamping fit with the two end portions of the insulator are arranged at the two ends of the left cover and the two ends of the right cover, a semi-ring rail is arranged on the left cover or the right cover through a lifting mechanism, a main semi-ring and an auxiliary semi-ring are arranged on the semi-ring rail in a sliding mode and are capable of rotating around the axial line of the semi-ring rail, the main semi-ring and the auxiliary semi-ring are fixedly connected to form a circular ring through butt-joint mechanisms, hairbrushes corresponding to the outer wall of the insulator are arranged on the inner ring wall of the main semi-ring and the inner ring wall of the auxiliary semi-ring, a scrubbing motor is arranged on the lifting mechanism, a driving gear is arranged on an output shaft of the scrubbing motor, and gear teeth meshed with the gear are evenly distributed on the outer ring wall of the main semi-ring and the outer ring wall of the auxiliary semi-ring. Through the adoption of the structure, the automatic insulator scrubbing device is reasonable in structure, capable of assisting in cleaning the insulator, free of cleaning dead angles, good in cleaning effect, capable of saving time and labor in operation, low in cost and beneficial to improving scrubbing efficiency.

Full automatic busbar terminal crimping device and crimping method and terminal crimping machine

The invention discloses a full automatic busbar terminal crimping integration device and a crimping method. The device comprises a wire splitting machine, a wire feeding machine, a cutting machine, a shaping machine, a material conveying machine, a wire stripping machine and a terminal crimping machine, wherein the terminal crimping machine comprises a terminal driving mechanism and a wire feeding mechanism; the terminal driving mechanism mainly comprises a punching head and an automatic feeding mechanism; the wire feeding mechanism comprises a shaping groove, a compaction block, a compactionblock driving mechanism, a cam and a cam driving mechanism; one side of the cam clings to the shaping groove, and one side, which is far away from the shaping groove, of the cam is provided with a stop block; the distance between the stop block and the tail end of the shaping groove is equal to the diameter of single connecting wire in a busbar; and the cam aligns with the punching head of the terminal driving mechanism. The wire splitting machine, the cutting machine and the shaping machine are matched to finish the cutting and finishing of the busbar, the material conveying machine feeds cut busbar sections to the wire stripping machine and the terminal crimping machine for processing, and finally the terminal crimping at both ends of the busbar sections is finished; and the whole process is automatic, the production efficiency is high, and the device is convenient to operate.
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