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Irrigation is the application of controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals. Irrigation helps to grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of less than average rainfall. Irrigation also has other uses in crop production, including frost protection, suppressing weed growth in grain fields and preventing soil consolidation. In contrast, agriculture that relies only on direct rainfall is referred to as rain-fed or dry land farming.

Flexible visually directed medical intubation instrument and method

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A flexible medical intubation instrument provided for placement into an animal or human patient comprises a catheter with at least a pair of longitudinally extending lumens or channels including a sensor and/or actuator channel and a working channel. In the sensor/actuator channel is provided a fixed or slideably removable sensor cable having a sensor for sensing a characteristic or condition including any of the following: a visual sensor for optical viewing, a chemical sensor, a pH sensor, a pressure sensor, an infection sensor, an audio sensor, or a temperature sensor. The sensors are coupled by the sensor/actuator cable through light transmission, electric current, or radio transmission to a viewing instrument or other output device such as a meter or video screen for displaying the condition that is sensed within the body of the patient while the flexibility of the composite structure comprising the catheter and cable enable the entire instrument to flex laterally as it moves through curved passages or around obstructions during insertion or removal. While making observations through the sensor channel, the working channel simultaneously functions as a drain or an irrigation duct, a feeding tube, or to provide a passage for the insertion of one or a succession of surgical devices such that the catheter serves as a protective artificial tract or liner as surgical devices are inserted and removed through it in succession so as to minimize tissue trauma, infection, and pain experienced by the patient. The instrument can be used in urology, as well as a visually directed nasogastric tube, as a visually directed external gastrostomy tube, or as a visually directed internal gastric tube or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube and in other applications.

Transplanting method of big camphor trees

A transplanting method of big camphor trees comprises selection of the big camphor trees, transplanting, transplanting transportation of trees, planting and planting management. Particularly, the angle of a planting sunny side cannot be deviated by over 10 degrees, root irrigation is performed by using ABT rooting powder, microorganism fertilizer, bactericide liquid chemical and the like which are used in backfill soil according to a fixed proportion, and 1-naphthylacetic acid alcohol water solution of 100-200ppm is used for irrigation after planting of the big camphor trees. The special technical processing of camphor transplanting is that 1-naphthylacetic acid auxin of 0.01-0.03% is added to used mud, the theory of a big wiping head and a big soil ball is adopted, 1-naphthylacetic acid rooting powder is added to the root portions during transplanting, leaves are picked instantly after planting, a blade surface agent is sprayed to new leaves, and originality is provided in the overwintering and antifreezing aspects. By means of the transplanting method, transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age below 20 years is over 99%, and transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age over 20 years is over 95%. The transplanting method of the big camphor trees can be suitable for transplanting of big trees and old trees under the conditions of other different altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, climate and the like.
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Fertilizer water-dispersion granule and preparation thereof

The invention relates to a fertilizer water dispersible granule and a method for preparing the same. The fertilizer water dispersible granule comprises one or more of plant nutrient substances and at least one surfactant which are processed to prepare the regular or irregular granular water dispersible granule. The fertilizer water dispersible granule consists of the following raw materials in portion by weight: 5 to 95 portions of the plant nutrient substance, 1 to 40 portions of the surfactant and 0 to 94 portions of an assistant. The invention has a preferential proposal: the plant nutrient substance comprises monopotassium phosphate, boric acid or borax, humic acid and salt thereof. The fertilizer water dispersible granule also comprises one or more of growth regulators. In addition, the fertilizer water dispersible granule can also comprise a disintegrating agent, an adhesive, a filler, a colorant and other assistants. The preparation method comprises: the metering, pulverization, even mixing, pelletization and drying of formula materials to obtain the fertilizer water dispersible granule. The fertilizer water dispersible granule has rapid disintegrating and dissolving (dispersing) speed in water, is fully dissolved, does not block a nozzle and a drop irrigation pipeline, is uneasy to absorb moisture, has high content of effective compositions, low packaging, storage, transportation, metering and use cost and high utilization rate of the effective compositions, reduces waste and environmental pollution, is widely applied to economic crop, gardening, lawn and urban greening and has extremely wide market application prospect.
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