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Minimally invasive apparatus for implanting a sacral stimulation lead

Methods and apparatus for implanting a stimulation lead in a patient's sacrum to deliver neurostimulation therapy that can reduce patient surgical complications, reduce patient recovery time, and reduce healthcare costs. A surgical instrumentation kit for minimally invasive implantation of a sacral stimulation lead through a foramen of the sacrum in a patient to electrically stimulate a sacral nerve comprises a needle and a dilator and optionally includes a guide wire. The needle is adapted to be inserted posterior to the sacrum through an entry point and guided into a foramen along an insertion path to a desired location. In one variation, a guide wire is inserted through a needle lumen, and the needle is withdrawn. The insertion path is dilated with a dilator inserted over the needle or over the guide wire to a diameter sufficient for inserting a stimulation lead, and the needle or guide wire is removed from the insertion path. The dilator optionally includes a dilator body and a dilator sheath fitted over the dilator body. The stimulation lead is inserted to the desired location through the dilator body lumen or the dilator sheath lumen after removal of the dilator body, and the dilator sheath or body is removed from the insertion path. If the clinician desires to separately anchor the stimulation lead, an incision is created through the entry point from an epidermis to a fascia layer, and the stimulation lead is anchored to the fascia layer. The stimulation lead can be connected to the neurostimulator to delivery therapies to treat pelvic floor disorders such as urinary control disorders, fecal control disorders, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain.
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