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Thermal treatment is any waste treatment technology that involves high temperatures in the processing of the waste feedstock. Commonly this involves the combustion of waste materials.

Comprehensive recovering method of waste lithium iron phosphate battery

The invention provides a comprehensive recovering method of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries, which has simple and reasonable process, low recovering cost and high added value. The method comprises the following steps: utilizing an organic solvent to dissolve an adhesive on battery cell fragments, and realizing the separation of lithium iron phosphate material and clean aluminum and copper foils through screening, wherein the aluminum and copper foils are recovered by smelting; utilizing a NaOH solution to remove residual aluminum foil scraps in the lithium iron phosphate material, and removing graphite and remaining adhesive by heat treatment; after dissolving the lithium iron phosphate with acid, utilizing sodium sulphide to remove copper ions, and utilizing the NaOH solution or ammonia solution to allow iron, lithium and phosphorus ions in the solution to generate sediments; adding iron source, lithium source or phosphorus source compounds to adjust the molar ratio of iron, lithium and phosphorus; and finally adding a carbon source, and obtaining a lithium iron phosphate cathode material through ball milling and calcination in inert atmosphere. After the treatment of the steps, the recovery rate of valuable metals in the batteries is more than 95%, and the comprehensive recovery rate of the lithium iron phosphate cathode material is more than 90%.
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