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Preparation of multi-position doped lithium iron phosphate positive electrode material and application thereof

The invention discloses a preparation method of a multi-place doped lithium iron phosphate anode material and an application thereof, which belong to the technical field of the preparation of electrochemical power materials. The multi-place doped lithium iron phosphate anode material is expressed by the following formula: Li1-xAxFe1-yByP1-zCzO4Ddelta, wherein, at least two of x, y, x and delta can not be expressed zero at the same time. Multi-place doped anode material lithium iron phosphate powder which is used in a secondary lithium-ion battery and has good crystallization performance and even composition is prepared by adopting a solid phase method and a simple mixing and drying process; compared with the method doping in a certain crystal lattice place, the multi-place doped anode material lithium iron phosphate powder has wide doping material source, which can greatly improve the basic capacity and cycling electrical performance of matrix and is applied to a stable industrialized production and non-high-purity materials. The multi-place lithium iron phosphate of the invention is taken as the anode material and is usually used in the secondary lithium-ion battery and the secondary lithium-ion battery is taken as a power source.

Lithium ion battery positive pole material cobalt nickel oxide manganses lithium and method for making same

The invention relates to a nickel cobalt manganese lithium oxide material used for an anode of a li-ion battery and a preparation method. The invention belongs to the li-ion battery technical field. The nickel cobalt manganese lithium oxide material used for the anode of the li-ion battery is a li-rich laminated structure with the chemical component of Li1+zM1-x-yNixCoyO2; wherein, z is less than or equal to 0.2 and more than or equal to 0.05, x is less than or equal to 0.8 and more than 0.1, and y is less than or equal to 0.5 and more than 0.1. The preparation method of the invention is that dissoluble salt of the nickel, cobalt and manganese is taken as the raw material; ammonia or ammonium salt is taken as complexing agent; sodium hydroxide is taken as precipitator; water-dissoluble dispersant and water-dissoluble antioxidant or inert gas are added for control and protection; in a cocurrent flow type the solution is added to a reaction vessel for reaction; after alkalescence disposal, aging procedure, solid-liquid separation and washing and drying, the nickel cobalt manganese oxide is uniformly mixed with the lithium raw material; the nickel cobalt manganese lithium oxide powder is obtained by sintering the mixed powder which is divided into three temperature areas. The invention has the advantages of high specific capacity, good circulation performance, ideal crystal texture, short production period, low power loss, and being suitable for industrial production, etc.
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