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Method of and apparatus for improving productivity of human reviewers of automatically transcribed documents generated by media conversion systems

An apparatus for improving productivity of human reviewers of transcribed documents generated by media conversion systems includes a server / client network of computers, memories and file systems. The server receives and stores voice files created by users of the system. The server is configured for coupling to a speech-to-text media conversion system to receive converted text files of the audio voice files. The server analyzes the converted text files and routes the converted files to the appropriate reviewers according to an adaptive algorithm. The converted files are displayed on the assigned reviewer's screen at the reviewer's workstation. To aid the reviewer in pinpointing potential errors, the workstation displays different segments of the converted files in different colors to reflect different confidence levels of transcription accuracy. Portions of the original voice message that correspond to the potential errors are played back for the reviewer. The reviewers' workstations also perform productivity enhancing functions such as spelling and grammar checking. After the reviewer has made all the necessary corrections, the reviewed files are transmitted back to the server to be stored and accessed by the users. A user database in the server is also updated to store recurrent user-specific errors corrected by the reviewer. A language analysis system is also disposed to adaptively correct user-specific errors in future reviews according to the information in the user database.
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