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Automatic electric connector assembling method and automatic electric connector assembler

The invention relates to an automatic electric connector assembling method and an automatic electric connector assembler. The assembler is at least provided with a feed station and a discharge station along the circumference of a graduated turnplate in a distributing way, a insertion station is arranged ahead of the discharge station, each station on the graduated turnplate is correspondingly provided with a clamp for clamping holed parts, and the feed station, the insertion station and the discharge station are correspondingly provided with a feed manipulator, a locating detent three-axis insertion mechanism and a discharge manipulator; a pickup unit of an image detection system is arranged on the insertion station or the station ahead of the insertion station; the pickup unit acquires the image information of insertion holes to be assembled on the holed part to be clamped and then transmits the image information to a computer processing system of the image detection system, and the obtained coordinate data of the positions of the insertion holes are transmitted to the locating detent three-axis insertion mechanism. The invention realizes the flexible production of product assembly, can automatically identify and assemble part holes with a variety of hole positions, different hole position arrangements and different shapes, and has high automation degree.

Full-automatic continuous conveying mechanism with automatic compacting device

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The invention discloses a full-automatic continuous conveying mechanism with an automatic compacting device, solving the problems of time waste, energy waste and low efficiency in the using process of a conveyer belt. The adopted technical scheme is as follows: the conveying mechanism is also provided with a hanger of the automatic compacting device which is connected with the automatic compacting device by an adjustable supporting connected component; the automatic compacting device comprises vertical beams, a transverse beam, a group of pressing rollers, a first adjustable compacting wheel, a second adjustable compacting wheel, an adjustable tensioning wheel, a fixed tensioning roller and a compacting belt, wherein the hanger is connected with the vertical beams by the adjustable supporting connected component; the transverse beam is fixed between the two vertical beams; the group of pressing rollers are arranged at the lower end of the transverse beam and corresponds to the conveyer belt of a conveying part; the adjustable tensioning wheel is arranged at one end of the transverse beam; the other end of the transverse beam is fixedly connected with the upper surface thereof; the compacting belt is arranged on the excircle of the group of pressing rollers, the first adjustable compacting wheel, the second adjustable compacting wheel, the adjustable tensioning wheel and the fixed tensioning roller. The invention realizes automatic regulation with high efficiency, and is particularly suitable for rapidly and continuously producing plate-type products with irregular reference surface blanks.
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