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Atomic layer deposition equipment

Provided atomic layer deposition equipment comprises a reaction chamber and a gas source; the reaction chamber is inside provided with a gas distribution plate arranged at the top, a base disc and a rotary driving mechanism; the upper surface of the base disc and the lower surface of the gas distribution plate are mutually superposed; multiple sub-spaces uniformly distributed along the circumferential direction of the reaction chamber at intervals are formed between the upper surface of the base disc and the lower surface of the gas distribution plate, the multiple sub-spaces are successively arranged according to the operation sequence, and each sub-space is corresponding to one operation in a process of performing once technology on a base chip; and the rotary driving mechanism is used to drive the base disc to rotate relatively to the gas distribution plate so as to enable the base disc to drive all base chips thereon to be successively placed into the multiple sub-spaces for technological processing according to the operation sequence. The provided atomic deposition equipment is capable of processing multiple base chips at the same time by using different operations, thereby improving the technological efficiency and further improving the production power.

Sublevel shrinkage caving stage open stope afterwards filling mining method

The invention discloses a sublevel shrinkage caving stage open afterwards filling mining method. In the earlier stage of stoping, caved ores are utilized to support surrounding rocks on a top tray, and in the later stage of stoping, a goaf area is filled with fillers to control ground pressure so as to achieve safe and efficient mining. Ore blocks are mined in two steps, mining blocks in step two are stoped after the mining blocks in step one are stoped and filled. After the ores are completely let out, the goaf area is filled with the fillers to control the ground pressure. Because the stoping modes of sublevel ore caving, sublevel shrinkage, final ore drawing and empty area afterwards filling are adopted, the mining method has large one-time filling amount and low cost; the method adopts middle-deep hole drilling and blasting and carry scraper ore removal, and the device has high level and large production capacity; the method has the advantages of large production capacity of the sublevel caving method and the stage open stope method, high recovery rate of the filling method, and earth surface protection; the safety is good, and drilling, ore removal and other operations are all carried out in a sublevel drilling and ore removal approach roadway; and the ores can be removed in advance, and the ores can be removed partially after the first sublevel is ready.

Umbrella-shaped electrostatic spinning sprayer and electrostatic spinning method

The invention relates to an umbrella-shaped electrostatic spinning sprayer and an electrostatic spinning method. The sprayer comprises an umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle, a numerical control type infusion device and a solution collecting groove, wherein the numerical control type infusion device mainly comprises a solution propeller and a controller; the middle of the umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle is provided with a cylindrical hollow portion, and an output end of the solution propeller is placed into the cylindrical hollow portion of the umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle; the controller controls flow velocity and flow of spinning solutions; and the solution collecting groove is placed in the bottom of the umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle. The electrostatic spinning method comprises that a binding post on the umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle is connected with a high-voltage positive electrode, conducting polymer solutions are continuously added to the umbrella-shaped spinning nozzle which is horizontally placed through the numerical control type infusion device, electrostatic spinning is started, collection is achieved through a collecting device, and nano-fibers are formed. The sprayer avoids blocking phenomena, and is easy to clean and good in stability; and the electrostatic spinning method improves production efficiency and the yield of electrostatic spinning.
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