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System and method for network traffic management and load balancing

A method for providing load balancing and failover among a set of computing nodes running a network accessible computer service includes providing a computer service that is hosted at one or more servers comprised in a set of computing nodes and is accessible to clients via a first network. Providing a second network including a plurality of traffic processing nodes and load balancing means. The load balancing means is configured to provide load balancing among the set of computing nodes running the computer service. Providing means for redirecting network traffic comprising client requests to access the computer service from the first network to the second network. Providing means for selecting a traffic processing node of the second network for receiving the redirected network traffic comprising the client requests to access the computer service and redirecting the network traffic to the traffic processing node via the means for redirecting network traffic. For every client request for access to the computer service, determining an optimal computing node among the set of computing nodes running the computer service by the traffic processing node via the load balancing means, and then routing the client request to the optimal computing node by the traffic processing node via the second network.

Auto playlist generator

A system and method for generating a list is provided. The system includes a seed item input subsystem, an item identifying subsystem, a descriptive metadata similarity determining subsystem and a list generating subsystem that builds a list based, at least in part, on similarity processing performed on seed item descriptive metadata and user item descriptive metadata and user selected thresholds applied to such similarity processing. The method includes inexact matching between identifying metadata associated with new user items and identifying metadata stored in a reference metadata database. The method further includes subjecting candidate user items to similarity processing, where the degree to which the candidate user items are similar to the seed item is determined, and placing user items in a list of items based on user selected preferences for (dis)similarity between items in the list and the seed item.

System and method for capturing and using biometrics to review a product, service, creative work or thing

A system enables capturing biometric information while a user is perceiving a particular product, service, creative work or thing. For example, while movie-goers watch a movie, the system can capture and recognize the facial expressions, vocal expressions and / or eye expressions (e.g., iris information) of one or more person's in the audience to determine an audience's reaction to movie content. Alternatively, the system could be used to evaluate an audience's reaction to a public spokesman, e.g., political figure. The system could be useful to evaluate consumer products or story-boards before substantial investment in movie development occurs. Because these biometric expressions (laughing, crying, etc.) are generally universal, the system is generally independent of language and can be applied easily for global-use products and applications. The system can store the biometric information and / or results of any analysis of the biometric information as the generally true opinion of the particular product, service, creative work or thing, and can then enable other potential users of the product to review the information when evaluating the product.

Electrospun fibers and an apparatus therefor

InactiveUS6753454B1Optimal spacingMaintain spacingNanotechFilament/thread formingFiberPolymer solution
A novel fiber comprising a substantially homogeneous mixture of a hydrophilic polymer and a polymer which is at least weakly hydrophobic is disclosed. The fiber optionally contains a pH adjusting compound. A method of making the fiber comprises electrospinning fibers of the substantially homogeneous polymer solution. A method of treating a wound or other area of a patient requiring protection from contamination comprises electrospinning the substantially homogeneous polymer solution to form a dressing. An apparatus for electrospinning a wound dressing is discosed.

Devices and methods for the performance of miniaturized in vitro amplification assays

This invention relates to methods and apparatus for performing microanalytic and microsynthetic analyses and procedures. The invention provides a microsystem platform and a micromanipulation device for manipulating the platform that utilizes the centripetal force resulting from rotation of the platform to motivate fluid movement through microchannels. The invention specifically provides devices and methods for performing miniaturized in vitro amplification assays such as the polymerase chain reaction. Methods specific for the apparatus of the invention for performing PCR are provided.
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