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Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with headgear assembly

A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame having a main body and a side frame member provided on each lateral side of the main body. Each side frame member includes an integrally formed first connector portion. A headgear assembly is removably attachable to the frame. The headgear assembly has a second connector portion adapted to be removably coupled with the first connector portion provided on the frame. The second connector portion is manually movable to a releasing position to detach the headgear assembly from the frame. The headgear assembly is rotationally adjustable with respect to the frame.

Molecular-wire crossbar interconnect (MWCI) for signal routing and communications

A molecular-wire crossbar interconnect for signal routing and communications between a first level and a second level in a molecular-wire crossbar is provided. The molecular wire crossbar comprises a two-dimensional array of a plurality of nanometer-scale switches. Each switch is reconfigurable and self-assembling and comprises a pair of crossed wires which form a junction where one wire crosses another and at least one connector species connecting the pair of crossed wires in the junction. The connector species comprises a bi-stable molecule. Each level comprises at least one group of switches and each group of switches comprises at least one switch, with each group in the first level connected to all other groups in the second level in an all-to-all configuration to provide a scalable, defect-tolerant, fat-tree networking scheme. The primary advantage is ease of fabrication, because an active switch is formed any time two wires cross. This saves tremendously on circuit area (a factor of a few times ten), since no other wires or ancillary devices are needed to operate the switch or store the required configuration. This reduction of the area of a configuration bit and its switch to just the area of two crossing wires is a major advantage in constructing a defect-tolerant interconnect network.

Wireless stereo headsets and methods

Wireless stereo headsets and methods of using the headsets are described. In one embodiment, a wireless stereo headset includes a first earpiece, having a first speaker and a first USB connector, and a second earpiece which has a second speaker and a second USB connector. The USB connectors are configured to charge a battery within each earpiece without a cable to connect the earpiece to a source of power, and the earpieces are shaped to matingly engage together such that the first speaker mates with the second USB connector and the second speaker mates with the first USB connector. In one embodiment, each of the first earpiece and the second earpiece can be configured to act as master device and when one becomes the master device, the other earpiece will in response act as the slave device.

Apparatus for supplying surgical staple line reinforcement

InactiveUS20090095791A1Thinner materialAccurately and successfully positionedSuture equipmentsStapling toolsBiomedical engineeringMaterial supply
An apparatus for supplying surgical buttress material to a surgical stapler is provided. The apparatus has a pivotable area for attaching surgical buttress material. The apparatus may also have an adhesive and a release liner disposed over the buttress material.

Enhanced capacity and purification of antibodies by mixed mode chromatography in the presence of aqueous-soluble nonionic organic polymers

ActiveUS20080177048A1High level of productivityEnhance binding capacityComponent separationSolid sorbent liquid separationChemistryWater soluble
This invention relates to the use of mixed mode chromatography for purification of at least one intact non-aggregated antibody from a mixture containing intact non-aggregated antibodies and undesirable materials, including fragmented or aggregated antibodies, host cell proteins, DNA, endotoxin, and / or virus. This invention further relates to the integration of such a method into a multi-step procedure with other fractionation methods for purification of antibodies suitable for in vivo applications.
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