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Convertible transaction card

A Standard Size Convertible Transaction Card Assembly includes a conventional transaction card of standard size and a keychain size transaction card of reduced “key-tag” size which is formed from a delineated portion of the standard size transaction card and separable there-from, wherein the keychain size transaction card contains all readable transaction information required to consummate the intended transaction. The delineation may be a printed line, demarcation, a line-of-weakness or perforation, such that the keychain size transaction card can be separated from the standard size transaction card manually, or with the assist of tools. The consumer can use the Standard Size Convertible Transaction Card Assembly as a conventional, standard size transaction card or separate the keychain size transaction card at the delineation for use as an independent keychain size transaction card. The Standard Size Convertible Transaction Card Assembly has a transaction information medium for retaining transactional information, such as a magnetic stripe, bar code, or computer chip, including a smart chip. The keychain size transaction card may contain an attachment hole or other suitable fastening means so that it can be conveniently carried on a keychain, lanyard, or the like, after separation.

Ice dispensing chute

An ice dispensing chute mechanism is characterized by an ice chute adapted for attachment at an upper ice inlet end to an ice retaining bin at an ice outlet from the bin. An actuating arm is pivotally mounted on the ice chute and has a lower end for being contacted and moved by a receptacle into which ice is to be dispensed from a lower ice discharge end of the chute and an upper end for contacting and moving a linkage mechanism upon rotation of the actuating arm by the receptacle. The linkage mechanism is pivotally mounted on the ice chute and is coupled to an ice gate that is linearly moved by the linkage mechanism between open and closed positions that establish and interrupt communication between the upper inlet to the chute and the ice outlet opening from the bin. Movement of the linkage mechanism by the actuating arm operates the linkage mechanism to translate the rotational movement of the actuating arm into linear movement of the ice gate between its open and closed positions to dispense ice and to cease dispensing ice into the receptacle. The ice chute consists of two halves that snap together in a releasable manner to permit easy disassembly of the ice chute for cleaning, repair or replacement of parts. The upper inlet to the ice chute is configured to impart to ice particles a trajectory through the chute that guides the ice particles into the receptacle while preventing the vast majority of the ice particles from contacting interior surfaces of the chute.
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