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Method and apparatus for performing a function in a plant using process performance monitoring with process equipment monitoring and control

A process control system uses a data collection and distribution system and an asset utilization suite to collect data or information pertaining to the assets of a process plant from various sources or functional areas of the plant including, for example, the process control functional areas, the maintenance functional areas and the process performance monitoring functional areas. This data and information is manipulated in a coordinated manner by the data collection and distribution system and is redistributed to other applications where this it is used to perform overall better or more optimal control, maintenance and business activities. Information or data may be collected by maintenance functions pertaining to the health, variability, performance or utilization of a device, loop, unit, area, etc. and this information may then be sent to and displayed to a process operator or maintenance person to inform that person of a current or future problem. A user interface is provided that enables users to access and manipulate the expert engine to optimize plant operation or cause optimization of plant operation, to get information about the operation of the plant, etc. Furthermore, applications, such as work order generation applications may automatically generate work orders, parts or supplies orders, etc. based on events occurring within the plant.

Method for gas-solid contacting in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor

The present invention relates to a method for gas-solid contacting in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor by:(a) introducing into a reactor with bed length to bed diameter ratio below about 5.0, a primary gas consisting essentially of reactant(s) of the reaction to be carried out in the bed of solid particles through a primary gas distributor located at the reactor bottom at a superficial gas velocity Up, which is very close or equivalent to the minimum fluidization velocity Umf, required for achieving the incipient fluidization of the solid particles in the bed to obtain an emulsion phase consisting essentially of the solid particles and the primary gas with little or no formation of gas bubbles to achieve incipient fluidization or liquid-like behavior of fluidizable solid particles;(b) forming gas bubbles in the incipiently fluidized bed by introducing through a secondary gas distributor located immediately above the primary gas distributor a secondary gas, selected from one of the reactants which is used in excess of that required for the reaction stoichiometry, steam, an inert or a mixture of two or more thereof at a superficial gas velocity, Us, which is related to the superficial velocity of the primary gas such that a ratio of the superficial velocity of the secondary gas to the superficial velocity of the primary gas Us / Up, is in the range from about 0.5 to about 10.0, preferably from about 1 to about 5.
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