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Analyte monitor

Provided is an analyte monitoring device having a housing, the device comprising: a plurality of needles, each having a tip, a retracted position, a position wherein the tip is extended from the housing a distance adapted to pierce skin; an electrically or spring powered needle pushing apparatus movable to separately engage each of the needles to move each from the retracted position to the extended position; an energy source located within the housing; a plurality of analysis sites comprising an analysis preparation, each adapted to receive liquid from the needles to wet the analysis preparation; one or more light sources adapted to direct light at the analysis sites; one or more light detectors adapted to receive light from the analysis sites; and a processor.

Electronic security seal and system

A tamper-proof electronic security seal which includes a bolt and a locking element and an electronic seal element. The bolt has a head and a hollow shank extending therefrom having a longitudinal bore formed therein. The shank is dimensioned to pass through a lock hasp and has a free end formed for locking engagement with the locking element. The electronic seal element is formed for mechanical connection to the bolt head, and includes an electrical power source, a control unit, communications means responsive to the control unit and a sensor adapted for insertion into the longitudinal bore of the shank, and connected to the control unit. In response to a severing of the shank and the sensor inserted therein, the control unit is operative to activate the communications means to emit an alarm signal.

Ablation electrode assembly and methods for improved control of temperature and minimization of coagulation and tissue damage

The present invention pertains to multiple piece irrigated ablation electrode assemblies wherein the irrigation channels are insulated or separated from at least one temperature sensing mechanism within the distal portion of the electrode assembly. The present invention further pertains to methods for improved assembly and accurate measurement and control of the electrode temperatures while effectively irrigating the device and target areas.

Physiological Monitoring Garment

The present invention is directed to systems and methods for monitoring characteristics of a subject. A system according to an exemplary embodiment of the invention includes a sensor subsystem including at least one respiratory sensor disposed proximate to the subject and configured to detect a respiratory characteristic of the subject, wherein the sensor subsystem is configured to generate and transmit at least one respiratory signal representing the respiratory characteristic, and at least one physiological sensor disposed proximate to the subject and configured to detect a physiological characteristic of the subject, wherein the sensor subsystem is configured to generate and transmit at least one physiological signal representing the physiological characteristic, and a processor subsystem in communication with the sensor subsystem, the processor subsystem being configured to receive at least one of the at least one respiratory signal and the at least one physiological signal.
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