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Single click data synchronization of public and private data

A method for transferring public information to a private information store maintained by a private information space manager. The method may include the steps of selecting public information from a public information source; initiating a sync request by selecting a sync request button on the public information web site; and identifying the private information space were the public information is to be stored. In a further aspect, the invention comprises a system for synchronizing public content from a public information web site to a private information store. The system may include a sync enable button on the public information web site; a pop-up window provided by a private information store provided responsive to the sync enable button on the public information web site; and a sync interface transfer button on the pop-up window initiating transfer of the public information to the private information store. In a further aspect, the public information web site is provided by an affiliate server and said affiliate server includes code enabling said sync button by directing a client web browser to the private information store provider. The system may further include at least one synchronization routine synchronizing the public information data with the private information space.

Transaction-redo-based multi-copy consistency maintaining method for heterogeneous clusters

InactiveCN103198159AFast consistency maintenanceImprove usabilityHardware monitoringSpecial data processing applicationsDatabase administratorMultiple copy
The invention relates to a transaction-redo-based multi-copy consistency maintaining method for heterogeneous clusters. The method is characterized by comprising the following stages: a query executing stage: a cluster transaction management module tracks an activity transaction list and records transaction operations, and clusters produce transaction redo logs for a master data node and send transaction redo log files to all copy data nodes and manage the states of the nodes; a copy maintaining stage: the copy data nodes receive the transaction redo log files from the master data node; and a failure recovery stage: database administrators find out archived logs corresponding to failed nodes and recover data of all the copy data nodes to a state consistent with that of the master data node. The method has the advantages that the problems of high cost and poor performance in the prior art are solved, the shortage that a binary log transmission mode cannot support heterogeneous databases is made up, the quick consistency maintenance among multiple copies is realized, the high availability is guaranteed in the case that no shared clusters exist, and meanwhile, the heterogeneity of cluster database nodes can be supported.
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