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An object translates , or changes location, from one point to another. And an object rotates , or changes its attitude . In general, the motion of any object involves both translation and rotation. The translations are in direct response to external forces . The rotations are in direct response to external torques or moments (twisting forces).

Moving object detecting and tracing method in complex scene

The present invention discloses method for moving target detection and tracking in a complex scene. The method comprises two steps of multiple moving target detection and multiple moving target tracking: in the multiple moving target detection, a background model based on self adapting nonparametric kernel density estimation is established with the aim at the monitoring of the complex scene, therefore the disturbance of the movement of tiny objects can be effectively suppressed, the target shadow is eliminated, and the multiple moving target is detected; in the multiple moving target tracking, the target model is established, the moving state of the target is confirmed through ''matching matrix'', and corresponding tracking strategy is adopted according to the different movement condition of the target. Target information is ''recovered'' through the probabilistic reasoning method, and the target screening degree of the target is analyzed with the aim at the problem that multiple targets screen mutually. The algorithm of the present invention can well realize the moving target tracking, obtains the trace of the moving target, and has good real time and ability of adapting to the environmental variation. The present invention has wide application range and high accuracy, therefore being a core method for intelligent vision monitoring with versatility.

Self-referencing/body motion tracking non-invasive internal temperature distribution measurement method and apparatus using magnetic resonance tomographic imaging technique

A noninvasive image measuring method of measuring internal organ / tissue temperature using an MRI system. Temperature measurement insusceptible to body motion and spatial variation of magnetic field is realized by utilizing the position and size of a temperature change region as a priori information to determine the phase distribution of the complex magnetic resonance signal of water proton at a given temperature point and by subtracting the phase distribution before the temperature change estimated (self-referred) from the phase distribution in the peripheral region for each pixel of the image, thereby eliminating the subtraction process of image before and after temperature change. The precision of temperature measurement can be enhanced by estimating a complex curved surface formed of the peripheral region in each temperature change region of the real-part and imaginary-part images of the complex magnetic resonance signal, and calculating the phase difference between an actually measured complex signal distribution and the estimated complex signal distribution of the complex signal distribution for each pixel, thereby reducing the estimation error due to phase transition from −π to +π occurring in a phase distribution. Furthermore, temperature can be measured through optimal imaging following up body motion by using an optical positioning system in combination even if the part being measured is shifted.
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