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Electronic systems design deals with the multi-disciplinary design issues of complex electronic devices and systems, such as mobile phones and computers. The subject covers a broad spectrum, from the design and development of an electronic system (new product development) to assuring its proper function, service life and disposal.

Methods and apparatus for enhanced play in lottery and gaming environments

InactiveUS20070129144A1Prevent gambling abuseEncourage age appropriate game playApparatus for meter-controlled dispensingVideo gamesGraphicsElectronic systems
Methods and apparatus for game play using virtual players, sometimes referred to herein as vBots, is disclosed. In one aspect, a method for game play involves the use of the system electronic system environment described herein, wherein one or more virtual players are displayed to the player of the game, preferably, the virtual players have differing play characteristics, receiving from the user association with a selection of a virtual player, displaying a simulated game using the virtual players, identifying a subset of the virtual players as being winners of the simulated game, and awarding a win to the lottery user if the selected virtual player is in the subset of virtual players. In this way, the player of the game is selecting a virtual player to do the playing of the base game, thereby providing the excitement of player participation in a game of skill or chance, yet not actually be playing the game. Yet another parameter for modified and enhanced game play is the arrangement and presentation of various graphics, symbols, or icons (collectively “indicia”) to the player. The arrangement of the indicia in a predefined arrangement indicates that the player has won. By way of example, a grid or array arrangement may be used wherein the winning combination is a set of indicia arranged in a line, either horizontally in a row, vertically in a column or diagonally. Other patterns using multiple adjoining segments may be used, such as an X-pattern or a T-pattern. Alternatively, a predefined patter of non-adjoining segments may be used, such as where a win includes matches in a four corners or north, south, east and west positions.

Automated system for aggregated price discovery and electronic trading of linked cash/cash equivalent and their derivative asset packages

An electronic system for aggregated pricing of linked multi-leg (e.g., equity/option and option/option) asset packages with an additional link to an automated broker system for trading the linked asset packages are disclosed. The invention provides methodology and apparatus to electronically produce aggregated price quotes for packages of instruments designed to represent traditional trading strategies involving cash and their derivatives (e.g., stock and equity options). The system develops packages according to specified strategies, and prices the packages based on the national best bid and offer (NBBO) or direct input from participating market makers and investors. The packages are designed for easy understanding by traditional investors and designed for trading through a single order. These packages are desirable over separately trading the asset and its derivative (e.g., equity and option) instruments because they transfer market volatility risk from the investor to the institution by requiring market makers to agree to the aggregated price of the package prior to executing any trades. Certain linked packages, such as most stocks and options, cannot be traded together on a single floor of an exchange due to restrictions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding side-by-side trading and integrated market making of most stocks and options. This invention provides an electronic process for synthetic side-by-side trading across separate trading locations (e.g., equity and option exchanges and within the existing rules of the SEC). The electronic process follows traditional rules regarding the manual handling of combination orders involving multiple asset types. The process significantly improves efficiency over manual handling resulting in a system that is scalable to high trade volumes.
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